Bibliographic update April 2015: Rethinking History: The Journal Of Theory And Practice

Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice

Gaming history: computer and video games as historical scholarship
vol. 19 (2): 207-221
Tales of futures past: science fiction as a historical genre
vol. 19 (2): 285-299
The conventions of unconventionality: reconsidering the cinematic historian in Even the Rain
vol. 19 (2): 268-284
Open genre, new possibilities: democratizing history via social media
vol. 19 (2): 222-234
Rethinking historical genres in the twenty-first century
vol. 19 (2): 145-157
Rethinking historical genres in the twenty-first century
vol. 19 (2): 145-157
The history of nihilism and the limits of political critique
vol. 19 (1): 1-17
‘Those new men of the sixties’: nihilism in the liberal imagination
vol. 19 (1): 18-40
Affirmative weakening: Y.H. Brenner and the weak rethinking of the politics of Hebrew literature
vol. 19 (1): 41-60
Gershom Scholem on nihilism and anarchism
vol. 19 (1): 61-71
The Palestinian refugee camps: the promise of ‘ruin’ and ‘loss’
vol. 19 (1): 72-94
Nihilism and the Cold War: the Catholic reception of nihilism between Nietzsche and Adenauer
vol. 19 (1): 95-110
Nihilism and antisemitism: the reception of Céline's Journey to the End of the Night in Israel
vol. 19 (1): 111-132
Beware of the gurus!
vol. 19 (1): 133-135
Game after: a cultural study of video game afterlife
vol. 19 (1): 136-138
Danish folktales, legends, and other stories
vol. 19 (1): 138-140
The structure of world history: from modes of production to modes of exchange
vol. 19 (1): 141-144
The history manifesto
Experience and history: phenomenological perspectives on the historical world
Desire for the past?
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