Bibliographic update April 2015: Women's History Review

Women's History Review

Anna Howard Shaw: the work of woman suffrage; TRISHA FRANZEN
vol. 24 (3): 474-476
‘Behind the blessed shelter of the microphone’: managing celebrity and career on the early BBC—Mabel Constanduros, 1925–1957
vol. 24 (3): 372-388
Desert Passions: Orientalism and romance novels; HSU-MING TEO
vol. 24 (3): 476-478
Menstruation and the Female Body in Early Modern England; SARA READ
vol. 24 (3): 480-482
Book M: a London widow’s life writings by Katherine Austen; PAMELA S. HAMMONS (Ed.)
vol. 24 (3): 471-473
Art against Dictatorship: making and exporting arpilleras under Pinochet; JACQUELINE ADAMS
vol. 24 (3): 468-470
The Case of Mistress Mary Hampson: her story of marriage, abuse and defiance in seventeenth-century England; JESSICA L. MALAY
vol. 24 (3): 473-474
Fannie Barrier Williams: crossing the borders of region and race; WANDA A. HENDRICKS
vol. 24 (3): 478-480
Stopping the Traffic: the National Vigilance Association and the international fight against the ‘white slave’ trade (1899–c.1909)
vol. 24 (3): 325-350
Women in Eighteenth-Century Scotland: intimate, intellectual and public lives; KATIE BARCLAY & DEBORAH SIMONTON (Eds)
vol. 24 (3): 460-462
Catholicism and Children’s Literature in France: the comtesse de Ségur (1799–1874); SOPHIE HEYWOOD
vol. 24 (3): 464-466
The Infamous Rosalie; ÉVELYNE TROUILLOT, M. A. SALVODON(trans.), with foreword by EDWIDGE DANTICAT
vol. 24 (3): 462-464
Intelligent Compassion: feminist critical methodology in the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom; CATA CECILIA CONFOTINI
vol. 24 (3): 458-460
Birth Control and the Rights of Women: post-suffrage feminism in the early twentieth century; CLARE DEBENHAM
vol. 24 (3): 456-458
Pythagorean Women: their history and writings; SARAH B. POMEROY
vol. 24 (3): 454-456
Katie Gale: a Coast Salish woman’s life on Oyster Bay; LLYN De DANAAN
vol. 24 (3): 450-452
Irish Women in Medicine, c.1880s–1920s: origins, education and careers; LAURA KELLY
vol. 24 (3): 452-454
Women, State and Nation: creating gendered identities
vol. 24 (1): 1-6
The ‘Unscottishness’ of Female Rule: an early modern theory
vol. 24 (1): 7-22
Beyond National Borders; ‘Italian’ Patriots United in the Name of Giuseppe Mazzini: Emilie Ashurst, Margaret Fuller and Jessie White Mario
vol. 24 (1): 23-36
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