Bibliographic update October 2017: Women's History Review

Women's History Review

Maternal Responsibility and Traceable Loss: medicine and miscarriage in twentieth-century Australia
vol. 26 (6): 840-856
The Female Student on Trial, 1910–1915: Dorothy M. Gladish versus University College Nottingham versus Oscar Wilde
vol. 26 (6): 880-899
‘Wearing the Breeches’? Almack’s, the Female Patroness, and Public Femininity c.1764–1848
vol. 26 (6): 822-839
Matilda Gage Writes a World History of Women
vol. 26 (6): 900-914
Compensating Irish Female Revolutionaries, 1916–1923
vol. 26 (6): 915-934
Women in Defense of Workers: Ella Winter, the literary left, and labor journalism in California
vol. 26 (6): 857-879
The Faux Debate in North American Suffrage History
vol. 26 (6): 1013-1020
‘Granny thinking what she is going to write in her book’: religion, politics and the Pontefract by-election of 1872 in Josephine Butler’s Personal Reminiscences of a Great Crusade (1896)
vol. 26 (6): 935-952
Neither worker nor housewife but citizen: BBC’s Woman’s Hour 1946–1955
vol. 26 (6): 953-974
‘Organizing’ Meiji Women: the role of the Japanese chapter of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union for individual activists, 1900–1905
vol. 26 (6): 975-993
Louise Michel’s London years: A political reassessment (1890–1905)
vol. 26 (6): 994-1012
Infant life Protection and Medico-Legal Literacy in Early Twentieth-century Dublin
vol. 26 (6): 781-798
Silent partners: women as public investors during Britain’s financial revolution, 1690–1750, by Amy M. Froide
vol. 26 (6): 1027-1028
Habitual Offenders: a true tale of nuns, prostitutes and murderers in 17th-century Italy, by Craig A. Monson
vol. 26 (6): 1028-1030
The Threshold of Manifest Destiny: gender and national expansion in Florida, by Laurel Clark Shire
vol. 26 (6): 1030-1031
A ‘fully bloomed’ existence for women: Miyamoto [Chūjō] Yuriko in the Soviet Union, 1927–1930
vol. 26 (6): 799-821
Writings from the Sand Volume 2: the collected works of Isabelle Eberhardt, edited by Marie-Odile Delacour and Jean-Rene Huleu
vol. 26 (6): 1031-1033
Women’s History in Russia: (re)establishing the field, edited by Marianna Muravyeva and Natalia Novikova
vol. 26 (6): 1033-1035
Abortion under Apartheid: nationalism, sexuality, and women’s reproductive rights in South Africa, by Susanne M. Klausen
vol. 26 (6): 1037-1039
Pan American Women: U.S. internationalists and revolutionary Mexico, by Megan Threlkeld
vol. 26 (6): 1035-1037
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