Bibliographic update July 2017: Women's History Review

Women's History Review

Adolescence in Modern Irish History, Catherine Cox & Susannah Riordan
vol. 26 (4): 662-663
Celestial Women: imperial wives and concubines in China from Song to Qing, by Keith McMahon
vol. 26 (4): 664-665
Women, Credit, and Debt in Early Modern Scotland: gender in history, by Cathryn Spence
vol. 26 (4): 666-667
Infant Mortality and Working-Class Child Care, 1850–1899, by Melanie Reynolds
vol. 26 (4): 667-668
Women and the City, Women in the City: a gendered perspective on Ottoman urban history, by Nazan Maksudyan
vol. 26 (4): 660-662
Sewing, Fighting and Writing: radical practices in work, politics and culture, by Maria Tamboukou
vol. 26 (4): 658-660
Genocide and Gender in the Twentieth Century: a comparative survey, Amy E. Randall
vol. 26 (4): 651-652
African Women: a historical panorama, by Patricia W. Romero
vol. 26 (4): 652-654
Gendering the settler state: White women, race, liberalism and empire in Rhodesia, 1950–1980, by Kate Law
vol. 26 (4): 656-658
Women of Letters: gender, writing and the life of the mind in early modern England, by Leonie Hannan
vol. 26 (4): 649-650
Gender Hurts. A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism, by Sheila Jeffreys
vol. 26 (4): 655-656
At Home in Postwar France: modern mass housing and the right to comfort, Nicole C. Rudolph
vol. 26 (4): 647-649
Home Fronts, Gender War and Conflict
vol. 26 (4): 523-527
Lee Miller's Wrens in Camera
vol. 26 (4): 621-633
Everyday Life and Duties of Polish Women in the Rural Provinces of North-East Poland During the First World War
vol. 26 (4): 597-607
Victims or Survivors: army wives in Ireland during the Crimean War, 1854–56
vol. 26 (4): 541-554
When the Fires Burned Too Close to Home: southern women and the dislocations of the home front in the American Civil War
vol. 26 (4): 568-583
Supplicants and Guardians: the petitions of Royalist widows during the Civil Wars and Interregnum, 1642–1660
vol. 26 (4): 528-540
Wearing Black, Wearing Bows: Union women and the politics of dress in the US fashion press, 1861–1865
vol. 26 (4): 555-567
Regulation 40D: punishing promiscuity on the home front during the First World War
vol. 26 (4): 584-596
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