Bibliographic update January 2016: Women's History Review

Women's History Review

Constance Maynard's Life-Writing Considered as Spiritual Autobiography
vol. 25 (1): 74-88
Religion, Same-Sex Desire, and the Imagined Geographies of Empire: the case of Constance Maynard (1849–1935)
vol. 25 (1): 53-73
An Exploration of Religion and Education in the Life of Constance Maynard, Mistress of Westfield College
vol. 25 (1): 89-104
‘We Must Advance, We Must Expand': architectural and social challenges to the domestic model at the College for Ladies at Westfield
vol. 25 (1): 105-123
Constance Maynard's Languages of Love
vol. 25 (1): 17-34
‘Went into raptures’: reading emotion in the ordinary wartime diary, 1941–1946
vol. 25 (1): 143-160
New Queer Histories: Laura Doan's Disturbing Practices and the Constance Maynard Archive
vol. 25 (1): 161-168
Love, Passion, Conversion: Constance Maynard and evangelical missionary writing
vol. 25 (1): 35-52
Imperial Families: women writing home in Georgian Britain
vol. 24 (6): 843-860
British Nurseries, Head and Heart: McMillan, Owen and the genesis of the education/care dichotomy
vol. 24 (6): 917-937
Women on the Move: a review of the historiography of Irish emigration to the USA, 1750–1900
vol. 24 (6): 900-916
Abortion Policy and Social Suffering: the objectification of Romanian women's bodies under communism (1966–1989)
vol. 24 (6): 881-899
Control over Life, Control over Body: female suicide in early republican Turkey
vol. 24 (6): 861-880
An Eventful Journey from Christian Feminism to Christian Humanism
vol. 24 (6): 996-1013
At Home with the Women's Guild of Arts: gender and professional identity in London studios, c.1880–1925
vol. 24 (6): 938-964
Gaining a Public Voice: Ottoman women's struggle to survive in the print life of early twentieth-century Ottoman society, and the example of Halide Edib (1884–1964)
vol. 24 (6): 965-984
Luxury and Gender in European Towns, 1700–1914; DEBORAH SIMONTON, MARJO KAARTINEN & ANNE MONTENACH (Eds)
vol. 24 (6): 1028-1030
Le Vote des Françaises: cent ans de débats 1848–1944; ANNE-SARAH BOUGLÉ-MOALIC; ‘Féministe d'abord’: Cécile Brunschvicg (1877–1946); CÉCILE FORMAGLIO
vol. 24 (6): 1032-1037
The Altar at Home: sentimental literature and nineteenth-century American religion; CLAUDIA STOKES
vol. 24 (6): 1037-1039
Aphrodisiacs, Fertility, and Medicine in Early Modern England; JENNIFER EVANS
vol. 24 (6): 1026-1028
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