England in the Age of the American Revolution, 2nd edition

Namier, Lewis
Date published: 
January 1961

Reviews of the first edition'The general form of this work is as flawless as can be. This remarkable book is a mass of vigour, learning and originality.' - Observer'The chief attraction of the book will be found in Mr Namier's masterly descriptions of most of the characters that appear prominently in the political proceedings of these three years. An indispensable guide.' - Times'No student of the period can possibly afford to neglect this important contribution to knowledge. An extremely scholarly and valuable work.' - Cambridge Review England in the Age of the American Revolution and its companion volume, The Structure of Politics at the Accession of George III, are Sir Lewis Namier's classic contributions to the study of eighteenth-century politics. First published in 1930, England in the Age of the American Revolution went out of print, and then appeared in a second edition. Sir Lewis Namier died shortly after beginning the task of revising the book and the work of revision was completed by Lady Namier and Mr John Brooke. This second edition completely supersedes the first, and will be indispensable to all students of English history.