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Affectionate Authorities
Grace, Philip (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472445544 Hardback £65
Anatomy and Anatomists in Early Modern Spain
Skaarup, Bjørn Okholm (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472448262 Hardback £75
Suerbaum, Almut; Southcombe, George; Thompson, Benjamin (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472425065 Hardback £70
Retailing and the Language of Goods, 1550–1820
Cox, Nancy (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472416100 Hardback £70
Sanitation, Latrines and Intestinal Parasites in Past Populations
Mitchell, Piers D. (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472449078 Hardback £70
The Fate of Anatomical Collections
Knoeff, Rina; Zwijnenberg, Robert (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409468158 Hardback £70
The Maligned Militia
Scott, Christopher L. (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472437716 Hardback £70
The Medieval Way of War
Halfond, Gregory I. (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472419583 Hardback £75
The Tory World
Black, Jeremy (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472414281 Hardback £80
Women, Crime, and Forgiveness in Early Modern Portugal
Abreu-Ferreira, Darlene (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472442314 Hardback £70
Ceremonial Entries in Early Modern Europe
Mulryne , J. R.; Aliverti, Maria Ines; Testaverde, Anna Maria (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472432032 Hardback £80
From Local Patriotism to a Planetary Perspective
Kölbl-Ebert, Martina (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472438867 Hardback £80
From Rail to Road and Back Again?
Roth, Ralf; Divall, Colin (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409440468 Hardback £80
Religion and Society in the Diocese of St Davids 1485–2011
Gibson, William; Morgan-Guy, John (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409447726 Hardback £70
Rulership and Rebellion in the Anglo-Norman World, c.1066–c.1216
Dalton, Paul; Luscombe, David (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472413734 Hardback £70
Science, Utility and Maritime Power
Morriss, Roger (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472412676 Hardback £70
Supernatural and Secular Power in Early Modern England
Harmes , Marcus; Bladen, Victoria (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472429407 Hardback £70
The Long Twelfth-Century View of the Anglo-Saxon Past
Brett, Martin; Woodman, David A. (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472428172 Hardback £85
Women and Pilgrimage in Medieval Galicia
González-Paz, Carlos Andrés (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472410702 Hardback £65
‘And so began the Irish Nation’
Brendan Bradshaw (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472442567 Hardback £75