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Massacres: An Historical Perspective
Carlton, Eric (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 185928017X Hardback £49.5
Politics and Elections in Nineteenth-Century Liverpool
Collins, Neil (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 1859280765 Hardback £57.5
Science and Society
Hall, A. Rupert (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784002 Hardback £67.5
Apocalypticism in the Western Tradition
McGinn, Bernard (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783960 Hardback £67.5
China Under Mongol Rule
Franke, Herbert (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783995 Hardback £67.5
Christian Missionary Activity in the Early Middle Ages
Sullivan, Richard E. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784029 Hardback £65
Military Orders and Crusades
Forey, Alan (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783987 Hardback £65
Prints and Engraved Illustrations By and After Henry Fuseli
Weinglass, David H. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0859678822 Hardback £80
Crewe: Railway Town, Company and People 1840–1914
Drummond, Diane K. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 185928020X Hardback £57.5
Islamic Astronomy and Medieval Spain
Samsó, Julio (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 086078309X Hardback £69.5
Lord Acton’s History of Liberty
Watson, George (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679950 Hardback £42.5
Optics, Astronomy and Logic
Sabra, A.I. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784355 Hardback £69.5
Pères saints et culte chrétien dans l’Eglise des premiers siècles
Saxer, Victor (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 086078441X Hardback £70
Piracy and the English Government 1616–1642
Hebb, David D. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679497 Hardback £57.5
Precious Metals and Commerce
Prakash, Om (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784347 Hardback £65
The Contemporary Printed Literature of the English Counter-Reformation between 1558 and 1640
Allison, A.F.; Rogers, D.M. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 1859280609 Hardback £175
The Journal of Jean-François de Galaup de la Pérouse, 1785–1788
Dunmore, John ed. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0904180409 Hardback £80
The Low Countries in the Early Modern World
Van der Wee, Herman (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783847 Hardback £57.5
The Travels of Ibn Battuta, AD 1325–1354
Gibb, H.A.R.; Beckingham, C.F. eds. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0904180379 Hardback £45
Voyages to Hudson Bay in Search of a Northwest Passage, 1741–1747
Barr, William; Williams, Glyndwyr eds. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0904180360 Hardback £45