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Monnaie et finances à Byzance: analyses, techniques
Morrisson, Cécile (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784010 Hardback £70
The Life and Literary Pursuits of Allen Davenport
Chase, Malcolm (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 1859280684 Hardback £51.5
The Manorial Economy in Early-Modern East-Central Europe
Topolski, Jerzy (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784630 Hardback £70
The Uncertainties of Empire
Pagden, Anthony (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784614 Hardback £67.5
A Bibliography of Medical and Biomedical Biography
Morton, Leslie; Moore, Robert (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679810 Hardback £89.5
Cricket and the Victorians
Sandiford, Keith A.P. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 1859280897 Hardback £49.5
Etudes d'astronomie byzantine
Tihon, Anne (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784371 Hardback £70
History and Religion in Late Antique Syria
Drijvers, Han J. W. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784517 Hardback £67.5
Hungary and the European Economy in Early Modern Times
Pach, Zsigmond Pául (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784622 Hardback £70
Philosophy, Dogma and the Impact of Greek Thought in Islam
Fakhry, Majid (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784479 Hardback £67.5
Sacred and Secular
Markus, Robert A. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784509 Hardback £67.5
Books, Scribes and Learning in the Frankish Kingdoms, 6th–9th centuries
McKitterick, Rosamond (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784061 Hardback £67.5
Islam and the Abode of War
Ayalon, David (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784304 Hardback £67.5
Islam in West Africa
Levtzion, Nehemia (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784444 Hardback £69.5
Law and Liturgy in the Latin Church, 5th–12th Centuries
Reynolds, Roger E. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784053 Hardback £69.5
Learning, Language and Invention
Hackmann, W.D.; Turner, A.J. eds. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784673 Hardback £65
Poverty and Charity
Pullan, Brian (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784460 Hardback £67.5
Religion paysanne et religion urbaine en Toscane (c.1280–c.1450)
de La Roncière, Charles M. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784452 Hardback £70
Women and the Dictionary of National Biography
Fenwick, Gillian (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679144 Hardback £62.5
Historical Directory of Trade Unions
Marsh, Arthur; Ryan, Victoria; Smethurst, John B. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679004 Hardback £75