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Explorations in Muscovite History
Baron, Samuel H. (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783022 Hardback £70
Latin and Vernacular Poets of the Middle Ages
Dronke, Peter (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783030 Hardback £69.5
Politics and Institutions in Capetian France
Brown, Elizabeth A.R. (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782980 Hardback £69.5
Recherches sur l'histoire de la France Médiévale
Bautier, Robert-Henri (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783006 Hardback £70
Religion, Law and Learning in Classical Islam
Makdisi, George (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783014 Hardback £67.5
Belief and Law in Imami Shi‘ism
Kohlberg, Etan (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782921 Hardback £69.5
Home Front Furniture
Dover, Harriet (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0859678423 Hardback £49.95
The Crusades, Holy War and Canon Law
Brundage, James A. (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782913 Hardback £65
The Monarchy of Capetian France and Royal Ceremonial
Brown, Elizabeth A.R. (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782794 Hardback £69.5
Autorité épiscopale et sollicitude pastorale (IIe–VIe siècles)
Munier, Charles (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782964 Hardback £70
Heresy and Orthodoxy in the Early Church
Chadwick, Henry (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782948 Hardback £67.5
Sur l'histoire économique de la France Médiévale
Bautier, Robert-Henri (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 086078293X Hardback £70
Then and Now
Pearce, Tim (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 085967875X Hardback £35
Anglo-American Naval Relations, 1917–1919
Simpson, Michael (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0859678636 Hardback £57.5
History and Politics in Eleventh-Century Baghdad
Makdisi, George (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782891 Hardback £69.5
Institutions de l'Eglise et canonistes au Moyen Age
Vetulani, Adam; Uruszczak, Waclaw ed. (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782832 Hardback £72.5
L'Andalousie du quotidien au sacré (XIe–XIIIe siècles)
Bolens, Lucie (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782905 Hardback £70
Studies in the History of Medieval Canon Law
Kuttner, Stephan (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782743 Hardback £72.5
The Golden Chain
Dillon, John (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782867 Hardback £67.5
Exegesis and Philosophy
Runia, David T. (1991) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782875 Hardback £67.5