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James Smetham
Casteras, Susan P. (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 1859281036 Hardback £49.5
Law and Legal Theory in Classical and Medieval Islam
Hallaq, Wael B. (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784568 Hardback £67.5
Marginal Sculpture in Medieval France
Kenaan-Kedar, Nurith (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 1859281095 Hardback £69.5
Maritime Trade, Society and European Influence in Southern Asia, 1600–1800
Arasaratnam, S. (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784525 Hardback £67.5
New Science Out of Old Books
Beadle, Richard; Piper, A.J. eds. (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 185928003X Hardback £75
Society, Law and Trade in Medieval Montpellier
Reyerson, Kathryn L. (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784606 Hardback £67.5
The British Communist Party and the Trade Unions, 1933–1945
Fishman, Nina (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 1859281168 Hardback £57.5
The German Workers and the Nazis
Carsten, F.L. (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679985 Hardback £51.5
The London Group 1913-1939
Wilcox, Denys J. (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 185928048X Hardback £49.5
Thomas James Wise and the Trial Book Fallacy
Lewis, Roger C. (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 1859280366 Hardback £57.5
Voyages to Hudson Bay in Search of a Northwest Passage, 1741–1747
Barr, William; Williams, Glyndwyr eds. (1995) Ashgate Publishing, 0904180417 Hardback £45
Bede and his World
(1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784495 Hardback £159.5
Studies in Arabian Architecture
Costa, Paolo M. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784363 Hardback £90
The East Brittany Survey
Davies, Wendy; Astill, Grenville (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 1859281257 Hardback £82.5
The Transformation of a Peasant Economy
Goodacre, John (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 1859280730 Hardback £59.5
Enlightenment, Nationalism, Orthodoxy
Kitromilides, Paschalis M. (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784436 Hardback £65
Language and Learning in Renaissance Italy
Monfasani, John (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784037 Hardback £69.5
Monnaie et finances à Byzance: analyses, techniques
Morrisson, Cécile (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784010 Hardback £70
The Life and Literary Pursuits of Allen Davenport
Chase, Malcolm (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 1859280684 Hardback £51.5
The Manorial Economy in Early-Modern East-Central Europe
Topolski, Jerzy (1994) Ashgate Publishing, 0860784630 Hardback £70