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Astronomy in the Service of Islam
King, David A. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 086078357X Hardback £69.5
Canon Law in the Age of Reform, 11th–12th Centuries
Gilchrist, John (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783685 Hardback £69.5
Crisis and Change in Early Modern Spain
Kamen, Henry (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783588 Hardback £67.5
Power, Administration and Finance in Mughal India
Richards, John F. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783669 Hardback £70
Roman and German Humanism 1450–1550
D’Amico, John F.; Grendler, Paul F. ed. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 086078388X Hardback £69.5
Lord Chesterfield
Franklin, Colin (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679667 Hardback £42.5
Papacy, Councils and Canon Law in the 11th–12th Centuries
Somerville, Robert (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782603 Hardback £69.5
George Repton's Pavilion Notebook
Temple, Nigel (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679039 Hardback £50
Gravure and Grace
Hacker, P.M.S. ed. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679942 Hardback £39.5
A Bibliography of the Works of Richard Price
Thomas, D.O.; Stephens, John; Jones, P.A.L. eds. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679160 Hardback £67.5
Land, City and Trade in the Roman Empire
Whittaker, C.R. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783804 Hardback £69.5
Studies in the History of Bookbinding
Foot, Mirjam M. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679357 Hardback £77.5
Britons and Anglo-Saxons in the Early Middle Ages
Dumville, David N. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783324 Hardback £69.5
Commerce and Conquest in the Mediterranean, 1100–1500
Abulafia, David (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783774 Hardback £69.5
Of Time and Measurement
Turner, A.J. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783782 Hardback £72.5
Popes, Canonists and Texts, 1150–1550
Pennington, Kenneth (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783871 Hardback £69.5
Renaissance Culture in Context
Brink, Jean R.; Gentrup, William F. eds. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0859679500 Hardback £57.5
Statut personnel et liens de famille dans les droits de l’Antiquité
Mélèze-Modrzejewski, Joseph (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783766 Hardback £70
Trade and Conquest
Marshall, P.J. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783731 Hardback £65
La prédication au XIIIe siècle en France et Italie
Bataillon, Louis-Jacques; d’Avray, David; Bériou, Nicole eds. (1993) Ashgate Publishing, 0860783758 Hardback £70