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Manual of Law French
Baker, J.H. (1990) Ashgate Publishing, 0859677451 Hardback £57.5
The Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints of Charles Meryon (1821-1868)
Schneiderman, Richard S. (1990) Ashgate Publishing, 0906030234 Hardback £145
The Mission of Friar William of Rubruck
Jackson, Peter ed. (1990) Ashgate Publishing, 0904180298 Hardback £45
The Private Presses
Franklin, Colin (1990) Ashgate Publishing, 0859678350 Hardback £55
Thornton's Medical Books, Libraries and Collectors
Besson, Alain ed. (1990) Ashgate Publishing, 0566054817 Hardback £72.5
Sacred Images: Studies in Jewish Art From Antiquity to the Middle Ages
Gutmann, Joseph (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782514 Hardback £75
Studies on the Crusader States and on Venetian Expansion
Jacoby, David (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782492 Hardback £69.5
The Arabs and the Stars
Kunitzsch, Paul (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782557 Hardback £69.5
The Economy, Fiscal Administration and Coinage of Byzantium
Hendy, Michael F. (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782530 Hardback £67.5
Through Language to Reality
de Rijk, L.M.; Bos, E.P. ed. (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782506 Hardback £70
Structure et évolution du capitalisme européen, XVIe-XVIIe siècles
Sayous, André-E.; Steele, Mark ed. (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782417 Hardback £70
Mediterranean Studies, Volume 1
Clement, Richard W.; Taggie, Benjamin F. eds. (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0754600521 Hardback £45
Astronomy and Optics from Pliny to Descartes
Eastwood, Bruce S. (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782395 Hardback £69.5
Astronomy from Kepler to Newton
Wilson, Curtis (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782387 Hardback £69.5
Évolution de la France méridionale, 1249–1328
Dossat, Yves (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782433 Hardback £72.5
Cash, Credit and Crisis in Europe, 1300-1600
Miskimin, Harry A. (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782379 Hardback £70
English and Irish Settlement on the River Amazon, 1550–1646
Lorimer, Joyce ed. (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0904180271 Hardback £45
La Mer Noire et la Romanie génoise, XIIIe-XVe siècles
Balard, Michel (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782425 Hardback £72.5
Pica Roman Type in Elizabethan England
Ferguson, W. Craig (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0859677184 Hardback £87.5
Pietro Testa 1612–1650
Cropper, Elizabeth (1989) Ashgate Publishing, 0859678024 Hardback £100