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Commerce et finance en Méditerranée au Moyen Age
Sayous, André-E.; Steele, Mark ed. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782344 Hardback £72.5
Law and Jurisdiction in the Middle Ages
Ullmann, Walter; Garnett, George ed. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 086078231X Hardback £69.5
Monks, Hermits and Crusaders in Medieval Europe
Constable, Giles (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782212 Hardback £67.5
Écrits juridiques du Moyen Age occidental
Legendre, Pierre (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 086078228X Hardback £70
Érasme: Sa pensée et son comportement
Halkin, Léon–E. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782352 Hardback £72.5
Benjamin Fawcett
McLean, Ruari; McLean, Antonia; Bridson, Gavin (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0859677893 Hardback £77.5
Drake and the Tudor Navy
Corbett, Julian S. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 056605616X Hardback £69.5
Early Christian Art and Architecture
Milburn, Robert (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0704505975 Paperback £29.95
Expedition of Sir John Norris and Sir Francis Drake to Spain and Portugal, 1589
Wernham, R.B. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0566055783 Hardback £59.5
Ideas in the Medieval West
Flint, Valerie I.J. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782166 Hardback £69.5
Jerusalem Pilgrimage, 1099–1185
Wilkinson, John; Hill, Joyce; Ryan, W.F. eds. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0904180212 Hardback £45
Latin Learning in Medieval Ireland
Esposito, Mario; Lapidge, Michael ed. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782336 Hardback £69.5
Law and Records in Medieval England
Sayers, Jane E. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782263 Hardback £70
Lies, Language and Logic in the Late Middle Ages
Spade, Paul Vincent (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782204 Hardback £70
Medieval Theory of Authorship
Minnis, A.J. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0704505924 Paperback £30
Outsiders in the Lands of Islam
Ayalon, David (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782174 Hardback £69.5
The Journal of Rochfort Maguire, 1852–1854
Bockstoce, John ed. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0904180247 Hardback £45
The Medieval English Universities
Cobban, Alan B. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0859677532 Hardback £57.5
The Monarchy, the Estates and the Aristocracy in Renaissance France
Russell Major, J. (1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0860782271 Hardback £67.5
The Various and Ingenious Machines of Agostino Ramelli
(1988) Ashgate Publishing, 0859672476 Hardback £65