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Science, Utility and Maritime Power
Morriss, Roger (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472412676 Hardback £70
Supernatural and Secular Power in Early Modern England
Harmes , Marcus; Bladen, Victoria (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472429407 Hardback £70
The Long Twelfth-Century View of the Anglo-Saxon Past
Brett, Martin; Woodman, David A. (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472428172 Hardback £85
Women and Pilgrimage in Medieval Galicia
González-Paz, Carlos Andrés (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472410702 Hardback £65
‘And so began the Irish Nation’
Brendan Bradshaw (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472442567 Hardback £75
30 Years After
Berbéri , Carine; Castro, Monia O’Brien (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472425003 Hardback £65
British Infantry Battalion Commanders in the First World War
Hodgkinson, Peter E. (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472438256 Hardback £70
Experiencing Exile
van der Linden, David (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472429278 Hardback £75
Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland, 2-volume set
Barrie, David G.; Broomhall, Susan (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472449689 Hardback £155
Shifting Genres in Late Antiquity
Greatrex, Geoffrey; Elton, Hugh (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472443489 Hardback £75
The Emergence of León-Castile c.1065-1500
Todesca, James J. (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409420354 Hardback £70
The Naval Route to the Abyss
Seligmann, Matthew S.; Nägler, Frank; Epkenhans, Michael (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472440938 Hardback £90
The Paris Zone
Cannon, James (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472428318 Hardback £70
30 Years After
Berbéri, Carine; Castro, Monia O’Brien (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472425003 Hardback £65
Martin, Nicholas; Haughton, Tim; Purseigle, Pierre (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409444282 Hardback £70
Atheism and Deism Revalued
Hudson, Wayne; Lucci, Diego; Wigelsworth, Jeffrey R. (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409456803 Hardback £70
Zedar, Benjamin Z.; Phillips, Jonathan; Riley-Smith, Jonathan (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472441676 Hardback £95
Diplomacy, Roger Makins and the Anglo-American Relationship
Wevill, Richard (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472446497 Hardback £65
Early Medieval Monetary History
Naismith, Rory; Allen, Martin; Screen, Elina (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409456681 Hardback £90
Innovation and Creativity in Late Medieval and Early Modern European Cities
Davids, Karel; Munck, Bert De (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472439871 Hardback £80