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Innovation and Creativity in Late Medieval and Early Modern European Cities
Davids, Karel; Munck, Bert De (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472439871 Hardback £80
Languages and Cultures of Eastern Christianity: Greek
Johnson, Scott Fitzgerald (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9780754669661 Hardback £140
Law and History in the Latin East
Edbury, Peter W. (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472441966 Hardback £90
Money Pits: British Mining Companies in the Californian and Australian Gold Rushes of the 1850s
Woodland, John (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472442796 Hardback £70
New York and the First World War
Wilson, Ross J. (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472419491 Hardback £70
Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland, Volume 1
Barrie, David G.; Broomhall, Susan (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409442455 Hardback £95
Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland, Volume 2
Barrie, David G.; Broomhall, Susan (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472449672 Hardback £70
Precinct, Temple and Altar in Roman Spain
Fishwick, Duncan (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472412652 Hardback £75
Rulership and Rebellion in the Anglo-Norman World, c.1066–c.1216
Dalton, Paul; Luscombe, David (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472413734 Hardback £70
Sir Henry Lee (1533–1611): Elizabethan Courtier
Simpson, Sue (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472437396 Hardback £70
The Social War, 91 to 88 BCE
Dart, Christopher J. (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472416766 Hardback £70
The Transatlantic Hispanic Baroque
Braun, Harald E.; Pérez-Magallón, Jesús (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472427502 Hardback £75
The Wealth of Communities
Di Tullio, Matteo (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472442468 Hardback £70
Bede and the Future
Darby, Peter; Wallis, Faith (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409451822 Hardback £70
British Pirates and Society, 1680-1730
Lincoln, Margarette (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472429933 Hardback £70
Ecclesiastical Lordship, Seigneurial Power and the Commercialization of Milling in Medieval England
Lucas, Adam (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409421962 Hardback £90
Friendship in Medieval Iberia
Scorpo, Antonella Liuzzo (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472412027 Hardback £70
On the Economic Encounter Between Asia and Europe, 1500-1800
Prakash, Om (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409418283 Hardback £90
Sudden Death: Medicine and Religion in Eighteenth-Century Rome
Pia Donato, Maria (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472418739 Hardback £70
Arianism: Roman Heresy and Barbarian Creed
Berndt, Guido M.; Steinacher, Roland (2014) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409446590 Hardback £80