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Helion & Company are one of the world's leading specialist publishers and booksellers of military history.

Latest books

Fortress Salopia. Exploring Shropshire's Military History From The Prehistoric Period To The Twentieth Century: 2016 Conference Proceedings
Jenkins, Tim (ed.); Abbiss, Rachael (ed.) (2017) Helion & Company, 9781911512691 Hardback £25
Futile Exercise? The British Army's Preparations For War 1902-1914
Batten, Simon (2017) Helion & Company, 9781911512851 Hardback £29.95
The Battle Of The Selle. Fourth Army Operations On The Western Front In The Hundred Days, 9-24 October 1918
Hodgkinson, Peter (2017) Helion & Company, 9781911512639 Hardback £29.95
'I Will Not Surrender The Hair Of A Horse's Tail'. The Victorio Campaign 1879
Watt, Robert N. (2017) Helion & Company, 9781911512769 Hardback £29.95
A Most Secret War. R.V. Jones And The Genesis Of British Scientific Intelligence 1939-45
Goodchild, James (2017) Helion & Company, 9781911512554 Hardback £35
A New Way Of Fighting: Professionalism In The English Civil War. Proceedings Of The 2016 Helion And Company 'Century Of The Soldier' Conference
Jones, Serena (2017) Helion & Company, 9781911512615 Hardback £25
Civil War London. A Military History Of London Under Charles I And Oliver Cromwell
Flintham, David (2017) Helion & Company, 9781911512622 Paperback £16.95
Expeditionary Police Advising And Militarization. Building Security In A Fractured World
Stoker, Donald Stoker; Westermann, Edward B. (2017) Helion & Company, 9781911512868 Hardback £29.95
Faces From The Front. Harold Gillies, The Queen’s Hospital, Sidcup And The Origins Of Modern Plastic Surgery
Bamji, Andrew (2017) Helion & Company, 9781911512660 Hardback £29.95
Last Ironsides. The English Expedition To Portugal, 1662-1668
Riley, Jonathon (2017) Helion & Company, 9781912174102 Paperback £19.95