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Braddock's Defeat: The Battle of the Monongahela and the Road to Revolution
Preston, David L. (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780190658519 Paperback £11.99
Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture, Volume XIII: Derbyshire and Staffordshire
Hawkes, Jane/Sidebottom, Philip C. (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780197266212 Hardback £100
Jonas Salk: A Life
Jacobs, Charlotte DeCroes (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780190679163 Paperback £11.99
Kashmir's Contested Past: Narratives, Sacred Geographies, and the Historical Imagination (2nd ed)
Zutshi, Chitralekha (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780199481347 Paperback £10.99
Republic in Peril: American Empire and the Betrayal of the Liberal Tradition
Hendrickson, David C. (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780190660383 Hardback £22.99
Scandalous Error: Calendar Reform and Calendrical Astronomy in Medieval Europe
Nothaft, C. Philipp E. (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780198799559 Hardback £75
Soviet and Muslim: The Institutionalization of Islam in Central Asia, 1943-1991
Tasar, Eren (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780190652104 Hardback £64
The Global History of Organic Farming
Barton, Gregory A. (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780199642533 Hardback £30
The Great Convergence: An Environmental History of BRICS
Rajan, S. Ravi/Sedrez, Lise (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780199479375 Hardback £38.99
The Heart of the Constitution: How the Bill of Rights became the Bill of Rights
Magliocca, Gerard (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780190271602 Hardback £19.99
The Historian and her Craft: Collected Essays and Lectures (4 volume set)
Thapar, Romila (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780199467150 Hardback £400
The Place of Words: The Académie Française and Its Dictionary during an Age of Revolution
Fitzsimmons, Michael P. (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780190644536 Hardback £47.99
The Velizh Affair: Blood Libel in a Russian Town
Avrutin, Eugene M. (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780190640521 Hardback £22.99
Trouble at the Mill: Factory Law and the Emergence of Labour Question in Late Nineteenth-Century Bombay
Sarkar, Aditya (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780199474424 Hardback £37.99
A Global History of Medicine
Jackson, Mark (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780198803188 Paperback £12.99
Burden of History: Assam and the Partition--Unresolved Issues
Misra, Udayon (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780199478361 Hardback £34.99
China's India War: Collision Course on the Roof of the World
Lintner, Bertil (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780199475551 Hardback £25.99
Common Writing: Essays on Literary Culture and Public Debate
Collini, Stefan (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780198813118 Paperback £18.99
Crime Control and Everyday Life in the Victorian City: The Police and the Public
Churchill, David (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780198797845 Hardback £60
Delhi in Transition, 1821 and Beyond: Mirza Sangin Beg's Sair-ul Manazil
Mitra Chenoy, Shama (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780199477739 Hardback £42.99