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Latest books

Gender in World History
Stearns, Peter N. (2015) Routledge, 9781138853119 Paperback £21.99
The Atlantic Slave Trade in World History
Black, Jeremy (2015) Routledge, 9781138841338 Paperback £24.99
Mary Lincoln
McDermott, Stacy Pratt (2015) Routledge, 9781138786813 Paperback £21.99
The Global Atlantic
Strobel, Christoph (2015) Routledge, 9780765639516 Paperback £28.99
Healthcare in Private and Public from the Early Modern Period to 2000
Weindling, Paul (2014) Routledge, 9780415727006 Paperback £29.99
International History of the Twentieth Century and Beyond
Best, Antony; Hanhimaki, Jussi; Maiolo, Joseph A.; Schulze, Kirsten E. (2014) Routledge, 9780415656412 Paperback £29.99
Penury into Plenty
Mukherjee, Ayesha (2014) Routledge, 9781138811164 Hardback £85
Remembering the First World War
Bart Ziino (2014) Routledge, 9780415856287 Paperback £26.99
Rethinking the Chicano Movement
Rodriguez, Marc Simon (2014) Routledge, 9780415877411 Paperback £24.99
Spain, 1469-1714
Kamen, Henry (2014) Routledge, 9781408271933 Paperback £34.95