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Latest books

"We Are Still Here"
Iverson, Peter Iverson; Davies, Wade (2014) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781118751589 Paperback £19.99
A Handbook to the Reception of Ovid
Miller, John F.; Newlands, Carole E. (2014) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781444339673 Hardback £120
Rolle, Andrew Rolle; Verge, Arthur C. (2014) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781118701041 Paperback £32.99
Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini
Pauley, Bruce F. (2014) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781118765920 Paperback £19.99
A Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean
McInerney, Jeremy (2014) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781444337341 Hardback £120
A History of the Later Roman Empire, AD 284–641, 2nd Edition
Mitchell, Stephen (2014) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781118312421 Paperback £29.99
Economic Theory and the Ancient Mediterranean
Jones, Donald W. (2014) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781118627877 Hardback £125
A Companion to American Sport History
Riess, Steven A. (2014) Wiley-Blackwell, 9780470656129 Hardback £120
A Companion to John F. Kennedy
Selverstone, Marc J. (2014) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781444350364 Hardback £120
A Companion to the Reconstruction Presidents 1865-1881
Frantz, Edward O. (2014) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781444339284 Hardback £120