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The Good Pirates of the Forgotten Bayous: Fighting to Save a Way of Life in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
Wells, Ken (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300217384 Paperback £10.99
The Hundred Years War: A People's History
Green, David (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300216103 Paperback £14.99
The Murder of King James I
Bellany, Alastair; Cogswell, Tom (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300214963 Hardback £30
The Saltwater Frontier: Indians and the Contest for the American Coast
Lipman, Andrew (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300207668 Hardback £25
The South China Sea: The Struggle for Power in Asia
Hayton, Bill (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300216943 Paperback £12.99
The Ukrainians: Unexpected Nation
Wilson, Andrew (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300217254 Paperback £16.99
Those Who Hold Bastogne: American Energy Development and Indian Self-Determination
Schrijvers, Peter (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300216141 Paperback £9.99
A Little History of the United States
Davidson, James West (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300181418 Hardback £14.99
Black Wind, White Snow: Vladimir Putin and the Great Culture of the Steppe
Clover, Charles (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300120707 Hardback £25
Blood, Dreams, and Gold: The Changing Face of Burma
Cockett, Richard (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300204513 Hardback £18.99
Daughter of Venice: Caterina Corner, Queen of Cyprus and Woman of the Renaissance
Hurlburt, Holly S. (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300209723 Hardback £40
Italian Venice: A History
Bosworth, R. J. B. (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300216127 Paperback £14.99
The Age of Catastrophe: A History of the West 1914--1945
Winkler, Heinrich August (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300204896 Hardback £35
The Battle of Agincourt
Curry, Prof. Anne; Mercer, Malcolm (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300214307 Hardback £30
The Letters of C. Vann Woodward
Woodward, C. Vann; O'Brien, Michael (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300216707 Paperback £20
The Maisky Diaries: Red Ambassador to the Court of St James's, 1932-1943
Gorodetsky, Gabriel (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300180671 Hardback £25
The Strait Gate: Thresholds and Power in Western History
Jutte, Daniel (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300211085 Hardback £30
The Taliban Revival: Violence and Extremism on the Pakistan-Afghanistan Frontier
Abbas, Hassan (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300216165 Paperback £12.99
Forging the Past: Invented Histories in Counter-Reformation Spain
Olds, Katrina B. (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300185225 Hardback £40
Ill Composed: Sickness, Gender, and Belief in Early Modern England
Weisser, Professor Olivia (2015) Yale University Press, 9780300200706 Hardback £60