Electronic Enlightenment

Electronic enlightenment is an unparalleled , constantly evolving resource that brings the past to life, allowing the user to explore both the relationships and the movement of ideas of the early modern period through its web of correspondence. Eavesdrop on the private conversations and thoughts of a wide range of both 'great' and lesser known figures, from bankers to booksellers, philosophers to physicists, monarchs to mathematicians, and scholars to servants. Electronic Enlightenment provides unprecedented access to over 58,000 letters and documents, from over 7000 correspondents of 45 nationalities, in 11 languages. The resource also provides information on over 55,00 manuscript and 95,00 early edition sources, with additional links to a range of online resources, including the Oxford English Dictionary, The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and Chambers' Cyclopaedia. Electronic Enlightenment also offers users the opportunity to become involved with the project, through submitting lesson plans, biographical information, additional letters, and annotations. Combining excellent functionality and subscriber services, Electronic Enlightenment is a must-have resource for scholars researching the eighteenth century.