Teachers of Cambridge

Ms. Natalia Mora-Sitja
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Downing College
Research interests: Economic growth and labour markets.
Dr. Renaud Morieux
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Jesus College
Research interests: 18th c. British and French history; migrations, borders, maritime spaces, war captivity, trade and interest groups.
Dr. J. Craig Muldrew
Reader in Early Mod. Brit. Soc. and Econ. History, Cambridge, Queens' College
Research interests: Credit; food.
Dr. Matthew Neal
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Fitzwilliam College
Dr. Duncan Needham
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Darwin College
Dr. Mark Nicholls
Cambridge, St. John's College
Research interests: Elizabeth and early Stuart goverment and politics; conspiracies; treason trials; Sir Walter Raleigh; history of the British empire.
Dr. William O'Reilly
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Trinity Hall
Research interests: Early modern Habsburg Europe; Spanish-Austrian relations; history of migration, colonialism and imperialism; Atlantic history.
Professor Sheilagh C. Ogilvie
Prof. of Econ. History, Cambridge, Fac. of Econ.
Research interests: Economic history; historical demography; women's history; serfdom; history of central and eastern Europe.
Dr. Susan Oosthuizen
Cambridge, Wolfson College
Dr. Allen G. Packwood
Cambridge, Churchill College
Professor Jonathan P. Parry
Prof. of Mod. Brit. History, Cambridge, Pembroke College
Research interests: 19th c. British politics; Britain and Europe; Britain and the Middle East.
Mr. Richard J. Partington
Cambridge, Churchill College
Research interests: Late medieval English politics, esp. Edward III; war and the maintenance of order.
Dr. Sarah M.S. Pearsall
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Robinson College
Research interests: History of N. America in the early modern era.
Dr. Kate Peters
Cambridge, Murray Edwards College
Research interests: Early modern British history; print culture and Quakers in the 1650s.
Dr. Helen Pfeifer
University Lecturer, Cambridge
Professor John F. Pollard
Cambridge, Trinity Hall
Research interests: History of modern Italy and the papacy, esp. its diplomatic and financial aspects; European fascist and present-day neo-Nazi movements; social and political Catholicism in Europe.
Dr. David R. Pratt
Cambridge, Downing College
Research interests: Political thought and court culture of the early middle ages.
Professor Andrew Preston
Prof. of American History, Cambridge, Clare College
Research interests: History of American foreign relations.
Dr. Gabriela P. Ramos
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Newnham College
Research interests: 'Colonial', religious and political history.
Dr. Pedro Ramos Pinto
University Lecturer, Cambridge, Trinity Hall
Research interests: 20th c. European history.