Teachers of Cambridge

Dr. Katharina Rietzler
Cambridge, Pembroke College
Research interests: American philanthropy in 20th c. international relations.
Professor John C. Robertson
Prof. of History of Pol. Thought, Cambridge, Clare College
Research interests: History of political thought.
Dr. Helen Roche
Cambridge, Lucy Cavendish College
Research interests: Impact of philhellenism on politics and diplomacy during the Third Reich. History of education and elite schools during the Third Reich, particularly the Napolas (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalten); history and literature of military education in Germany during the 19th and 20th centuries..
Dr. Ulinka C. Rublack
Reader, Cambridge, St. John's College
Dr. Magnus Ryan
university Lecturer, Cambridge, Peterhouse
Research interests: History of medieval political ideas; legal history; medieval politics.
Dr. Peter A.V. Sarris
university Lecturer, Cambridge, Trinity College
Research interests: Late Roman history; Byzantine history; early medieval social, economic and legal history.
Dr. Ruth G. Scurr
Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College
Research interests: 18th c. political thought; French Revolution.
Professor Jim A. Secord
Prof. of History and Phil. of Sc., Cambridge, Department of History and Phil. of Sc.
Research interests: Social history of science since 1750; life and earth sciences.
Dr. Richard W. Serjeantson
Cambridge, Trinity College
Research interests: History of political thought; history of scholarship; history of the sciences; Francis Bacon.
Dr. Michael J. Sewell
Cambridge, Selwyn College
Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor
university Lecturer, Cambridge
Research interests: History of population and social structure.
Dr. Brendan P. Simms
Cambridge, Peterhouse
Research interests: British foreign policy 1690-1815; neo-conservatism; Prussian geopolitics, 1701-1871; European geopolitics, 1453-2009.
Dr. Sujit P. Sivasundaram
university Lecturer, Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College
Research interests: History of Pacific, S. and S.E. Asia; global history of science, medicine, archaeology, culture, Buddhism and Christianity.
Dr. Christina Skott
Cambridge, Wolfson College
Professor Richard M. Smith
Prof. of History Geog. and Demography, Cambridge, Downing College, Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Soc. Structure
Research interests: Determinants of longevity and the demographic correlates of welfare systems.
Dr. David L. Smith
Cambridge, Selwyn College
Research interests: Cromwellian parliaments.
Dr. Solomos Solomou
Reader, Cambridge, Fac. of Econ.
Dr. Michael Sonenscher
Cambridge, King's College
Research interests: French political thought 1650-1848.
Dr. Emma Spary
university Lecturer, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College
Research interests: Health; nutrition; medical chemistry; the Parisian corporations; the French food and drugs trade.
Dr. Gillian R. Sutherland
Cambridge, Newnham College
Research interests: Higher education of women; constructions of childhood literacy.