Teachers of Oxford

Professor Laurence W.B. Brockliss
Prof. of Early Mod. French History, Oxford, Magdalen College
Research interests: Early modern French education; science and medicine.
Professor Michael Broers
Prof. of Western Eur. History, Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall
Research interests: 18th and 19th c. Italian and French social and political history; religious history; imperialism.
Dr. Thomas C. Buchanan
Lecturer, Oxford, Kellogg College
Research interests: China and the British Left; history of Amnesty International.
Mrs. Averil M. Cameron
Oxford, Keble College
Dr. Erica Charters
university Lecturer, Oxford, Wolfson College
Research interests: Disease, state power, warfare and how these intersect in the 18th c., esp. in colonial contexts.
Dr. Katherine J. Clarke
Oxford, St. Hilda's College
Research interests: Ancient geography; historiography; perceptions of time.
Dr. Patricia M. Clavin
Prof. of Int. History, Oxford, Jesus College
Research interests: Great Depression 1929-39; international economic diplomacy; the League of Nations.
Professor Richard R.M. Clogg
Oxford, St. Antony's College
Research interests: History of Greece and the Greek diaspora.
Professor Craig Clunas
Prof. of the History of Art, Oxford, Trinity College
Research interests: Art and cultural history of China from 1400 to the contemporary period, esp. that of the Ming period; methodology and historiography of art history.
Dr. Nicholas Cole
Oxford, St. Peter's College
Research interests: American history and its classical heritage.
Dr. Martin H. Conway
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Balliol College
Research interests: European history *c*.1930-1960; history of Belgium.
Dr. Claire Copeland
Oxford, Somerville College
Research interests: Early modern Catholicism.
Professor Pietro Corsi
Prof. of History of Sc., Oxford, Linacre College
Research interests: History of earth and life sciences; science and religion.
Dr. Faramerz N. Dabhoiwala
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Exeter College
Research interests: History of the English-speaking world since the middle ages.
Dr. John G. Darwin
university Lecturer, Oxford, Nuffield College
Research interests: Theories of empire since *c*.1500; the British Empire as an international system 1830-1960; South African, Canadian and New Zealand history; decolonisation and the end of empire.
Mr. Nicholas S. Davidson
university Lecturer, Oxford, St. Edmund Hall
Research interests: Early modern Italy, esp. social and religious history.
Dr. Gareth B. Davies
university Lecturer, Oxford, St. Anne's College
Research interests: Social policies and political crisis of the U.S. during the 1960s; the foundation of the New Deal welfare state; American education policy; the growth of government in the U.S..
Dr. John H. Davis
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Queen's College
Research interests: Modern London.
Mr. Christopher J. Day
Oxford, Kellogg College
Research interests: Local history, esp. settlement history of the Oxford region.
Dr. Christina de Bellaigue
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Exeter College
Research interests: Social and cultural history of 19th c. Britain and France.