Teachers of Oxford

Dr. Abigail F.F. Green
Reader in Mod. History, Oxford, Brasenose College
Research interests: 19th c. German and international Jewish history.
Dr. Adrian M. Gregory
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Pembroke College
Research interests: Social and cultural history of early 20th c. Britain; World Wars I and II.
Dr. Matthew Grimley
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Merton College
Research interests: Religion and political ideas in 20th c. Britain.
Dr. Hanneke Grootenboer
university Lecturer, Oxford, St Peter's College
Research interests: Theories of vision in early modern paintings.
Dr. Steven J. Gunn
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Merton College
Research interests: The councillors and courtiers of Henry VII; everyday life and accidental death in 16th c. England.
Professor Pekka Hämäläinen
Rhodes Prof. of American History, Oxford, St. Catherine's College
Professor Helena F. Hamerow
Prof. of Archaeol., Oxford, St. Cross College
Research interests: Rural communities in north-west Europe 400-900.
Professor Charles Knickerbocker Harley
Oxford, St. Antony's College
Dr. Robert Harris
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Worcester College
Research interests: 18th c. British and Irish political, social and cultural history; early history of the press; urban history; history of gambling *c*.1650-1850.
Professor Ruth Harris
Prof. of Mod. History, Oxford, New College
Research interests: Dreyfus Affair; French history; history of medicine; cultural history; women's history.
Dr. Alana Harris
Oxford, Lincoln College
Research interests: Gender, religious and cultural history; transnational history.
Professor Mark Harrison
Prof. of the History of Medicine, Oxford, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Research interests: History of disease and medicine, especially in relation to the history of war and imperialism 17th-20th c.; history of medicine and British imperial expansion, $c$.1700-1850.
Professor Angus B. Hawkins
Prof. of History, Oxford, Kellogg College
Research interests: Biography of 14th earl of Derby 1799-1869.
Dr. Jonathan Healey
Oxford, Kellogg College
Research interests: English rural and social history 15th-19th c..
Dr. David J. Hine
Oxford, Christ Church
Dr. Catherine J. Holmes
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, university College
Research interests: Medieval Europe 900-1400; Byzantium.
Dr. David Hopkin
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Hertford College
Research interests: Rural and coastal societies; oral and visual culture; folklore; military and maritime history.
Professor Howard Hotson
Prof. of Early Mod. Intellectual History, Oxford, St. Anne's College
Research interests: Ramism; encyclopaedism; irenicism; millennarianism; universal reform; international systems of intellectual reform.
Dr. Matt Houlbrook
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Magdalen College
Research interests: 20th c. British cultural history; sex; masculinity; the city.
Dr. W. Gregg Huff
Sen. Res. Fellow, Oxford, Pembroke College
Research interests: Southeast Asian economic history and development; development economics; money and finance in developing countries; economics of war.