Teachers of Oxford

Dr. David Hopkin
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Hertford College
Research interests: Rural and coastal societies; oral and visual culture; folklore; military and maritime history.
Professor Howard Hotson
Prof. of Early Mod. Intellectual History, Oxford, St. Anne's College
Research interests: Ramism; encyclopaedism; irenicism; millennarianism; universal reform; international systems of intellectual reform.
Professor K. Jane Humphries
Prof., Chair of Fac. Board, Oxford, All Souls College
Research interests: Relationship between the family and the economy; child labour in the British industrial revolution.
Professor Rob Iliffe
Prof. of the History of Sc., Oxford, Linacre College
Research interests: History of science 1550-1800; science and technology in the West; science and religion; Newton.
Professor Joanna M. Innes
Prof. of Mod. History, Oxford, Somerville College
Research interests: British social policy 1688-1840; re-imagining 'democracy' as a modern concept; Europe and Americas, 1750-1800.
Dr. Ben Jackson
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, University College
Research interests: History of modern political thought; labour history.
Dr. Christine A. Jackson
Oxford, Kellogg College
Dr. Ine Jacobs
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, University College
Dr. Simon John
Departmental Lecturer, Oxford, Balliol College
Research interests: Medieval Europe; noble mentalities and aristocratic culture.
Dr. Geraldine A. Johnson
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Christ Church
Research interests: Visual culture of the Renaissance; women as art patrons.
Dr. Georgy Kantor
Oxford, St. John's College
Research interests: The political, social and institutional history of the early Roman empire.
Dr. Lucy Kaufman
Oxford, Keble College
Research interests: Early modern social and cultural history.
Dr. Edward Keene
Oxford, Christ Church
Research interests: Late medieval and early modern international relations.
Dr. Mara Keire
Departmental Lecturer, Oxford, Rothermere American Inst.
Dr. Matthew S. Kempshall
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Wadham College
Research interests: Medieval and early Renaissance intellectual history and historiography; the influence of the classical tradition.
Dr. Yasmin Khan
Oxford, Kellogg College
Research interests: British empire; India, 18th-20th c..
Dr. Sho Konishi
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, St. Antony's College
Research interests: Cultural, intellectual and transnational history of Japan from 1700.
Dr. Helen Lacey
Oxford, Mansfield College
Dr. Miles Larmer
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, St. Antony's College
Research interests: Political and military history of Africa.
Dr. Peter Leary
Oxford, St. Hugh's College