Theses completed (UK)

Thomas Gainsborough and the imagery of passage.
Bailey, Joy, M.A. (2013), York (Hallett, Mark L.)
Constructing nation and history: Hindu Mahasabha in colonial north India, 1915-28.
Bapu, Prabhu N., Ph.D. (2010), London (Robb, Peter G.)
'A well of living waters': patterns of unity and diversity in gardens of the Islamic world from the 7th to the 14th centuries and their reflections in later garden design.
Barker, Gillian M., Ph.D. (2010), Bristol
A regular revolution: co-operation, change and classicisation in the Moray landscape, 1760-1840.
Barrett, John R., Ph.D. (2013), Aberdeen
Early Sira material and the Battle of Badr.
Bauhng, Victor, M.Phil. (2011), London (Hawting, G.R.)
The Contagious Diseases Acts in 19th-century Hong Kong: imperial policy versus local governance.
Berney, C. Jane, Ph.D. (2013), Open University (Brunton, Deborah; Hack, Karl A.)
Chinese influence on English gardens and architecture, 1700-1860.
Bertram, Aldous, Ph.D. (2002), Cambridge (Watkin, David)
The Poona Pact revisited: Gandhi, Ambedkar and the question of separate electorates.
Bhargav, Vanya Vaidehi, M.St. (2013), Oxford (Devji, Faisal)
The growth of the modern state of Trengganu and its problems, c.1910-1930
bin Baba, Sidik, M.Phil. (1983), Council for National Academic Awards (Stockwell, A.J.; Judd, D.)
Collective violence, urban change and social exclusion: Ahmedabad, 1930-2002.
Bobbio, Tommaso, Ph.D. (2010), London (Robinson, Francis)
War and faith: the Catholic church in Slovenia, 1914-18.
Bobi?, Pavlina, D.Phil. (2009), Oxford (Strachan, Hew F.A.)
A historical geography of the Bequaa valley (Lebanon) in late antiquity.
Boeselager, Matern, M.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Lauxtermann, Marc)
The political space of Chancery Lane, c.1760-1815.
Boorman, Francis C., Ph.D. (2013), London (Taylor, Miles)
Karayuki-san: Japanese overseas sexual labourers and modernity in Meiji Japan.
Bruestle, Laura, M.St. (2012), Oxford (Konishi, Sho)
The role of fear in the representation of China in the British press beween 1899 and 1905.
Buckens, Ewout, M.St. (2013), Oxford (Gerth, Karl)
Britain's relations with the Ottoman empire during the embassy of Sir Nicholas O'Conor in Istanbul, 1898-1908.
Burman, John D., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Fleet, Kate)
The relationships between the East India Company, its successors and the Armenian diaspora in Asia, 1600-1886.
Carlyon, Richard, Ph.D. (2010), London (Robinson, Francis)
India from colony to nation-state: a re-reading of India's foreign policy in Southeast Asia, c.1945-55.
Carnell, Matthew R., Ph.D. (2013), Sheffield (Zachariah, Benjamin)
Motivations and response to crusades in the Aegean, 1302-48.
Carr, Michael, Ph.D. (2011), London (Harris, Jonathan P.)
Contested childhoods: law and social deviance in wartime China, 1937-45.
Chang, Lily, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Mitter, Rana S.R.)