Theses completed (UK)

Working-class politics in Sheffield, 1900-20: a regional study in the origins and early growth of the Labour party
thesis - teaser
Mineral booms, taxation and the national interest: the impact of the 1974 Fitzgerald Report on the contribution of the mineral industry to Australian welfare.
Burnside, Sarah E., M.Sc. (2012), Oxford (Darwin, John G.)
Sex and skill in the West Riding: women's employment in Yorkshire, 1850-1914
Busfield, D.F., D.Phil. (1986), York
Estate management at Goodwood in the mid 19th century: a study of changing roles and relationships
Buzzing, Pauline, Ph.D. (1986), Open University (Golby, J.M.; Behagg, C.)
The pilot nation: an international history of revolutionary Algeria, 1958-65.
Byrne, Jeffrey, Ph.D. (2011), London (Westad, O. Arne)
Constituting the settler colony and reconstituting the indigene: the native administration and constitutionalism of Sir George Grey, K.C.B. during his two New Zealand governorships (1845-53, 1861-8) until the outbreak of the Waikato War in 1863.
Cadogan, Bernard F., D.Phil. (2010), Oxford (Darwin, John G.)
Women in the Clydeside labour movement, 1918-39.
Cairns, David, M.Phil. (1996), Strathclyde (Fraser, W. Hamish; McIvor, Arthur J.)
Personal names of women in Wales, Cornwall and Brittany, 400-1400.
Cane, Meredith, M.Phil. (2000), Wales
Working-class women in 19th-century rural Sussex.
Carley, Julia, M.Phil. (1995), Essex (Davidoff, Leonore)
The Victorian office-workers of the North East, with specific reference to the Royal Society of Arts
Carnaffan, Gladys, M.Phil. (1986), Council for National Academic Awards (Batho, G.R.; Vasey, T.W.C.)
The Mostyn family and estate, 1200-1642.
Carr, A.D., Ph. D. (1976), Wales (Bangor) (Williams, J.G.)
The art and architecture of the Cistercians in northern England in the late Middle Ages
Carter, Michael, Ph.D. (2013), London (Park, David)
Eucharistic liturgies of the Church of England, 1945-80
Cassidy, J.M., M.Phil. (1981), Open University
The structure of politics in Cheshire, 1660-1715
Challinor, P.J., Ph.D. (1983), Council for National Academic Awards (Wanklyn, M.D.G.)
Women in English political life, 1754-90.
Chalus, Elaine H., D.Phil. (1998), Oxford (Langford, Paul)
Religion and politics in Birmingham, 1830-50
Chance, P.F., B.Phil. (1982), Open University
Women, work and the family: Birmingham, 1800-70.
Chandler, Fiona E. Terry, Ph.D. (1995), Birmingham (Chinn, C.S.A.)
The re-making of a working class: migration from the S. Wales coalfield to the new industry areas of the Midlands
Chandler. , A.J., Ph.D. (1989), Wales (Cardiff) (Smith, D.B.)
Patterns of occupational mobility amongst men and women in Scotland, 1930-70
Chapman, A.D., Ph.D. (1984), Council for National Academic Awards
A study of the Iraqi Jewish community, 1920-51, with special emphasis on the mass exodus, 1950-1
Cheblak, A.F., M.Phil. (1985), Council for National Academic Awards