Theses completed (UK)

A study of political elites in Balgladesh, 1947-70.
Sen, R., D.Phil. (1977), Sussex (Bottomore, T.B.)
Indian National Congress and government in Uttar Pradesh, India, 1947-55.
Sen, Suhit Kumar, Ph.D. (1998), London (Robb, Peter G.)
Refugees and the politics of nation building in India, 1947-71.
Sen, Uditi, Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge
Politics in Orissa, 1900-56: regional identity and popular movements.
Sengupta, Jayanta, Ph.D. (1994), Cambridge (Chandavarkar, R.S.)
A comparison of the land problem in Algeria and Kenya in its historical, social, political and economic contexts to the mid 1970s, with special reference to the effects of settler dominance
Serour, Fatiha , Ph.D. (1985), Aberdeen (Bridges, R.C.; Kemp, A.G.)
Arab meteorology from pre-Islamic times to the 13th century.
Sersen, W.J., Ph.D. (1976), London (Beckingham, C.F.)
Eighteenth-century bankruptcy law: from crime to process
Servian, M.S., Ph.D. (1985), Kent
The creation of religious identities in the Punjab, c.1850-1920.
Sethi, Anil, Ph.D. (1998), Cambridge (Bayly, Christopher A.)
Cold War warrior of the Middle East? Turkey, the Cold War and the Middle East.
Sever, Aysegul, Ph.D. (1994), Reading (Deighton, A.)
Principle or pragmatism? The history of the 19th-century copyright legislation.
Seville, C.A., Ph.D. (1996), Cambridge (Cornish, William R.)
Some aspects of economic development in Iran, 1800-1906
Seyf, A., Ph.D. (1982), Reading
The origin and early history of the Khasi-Synteng people.
Shadap-Sen, Namita C., Ph.D. (1971), London (de Casparis, J.G.)
Muslim politics in the North-West Frontier province, 1937-47.
Shah, Sayed W.A., D.Phil. (1997), Oxford (Brown, Judith M.)
The emergence of a Muslim 'middle class' in Bengal: attitudes and the rhetoric of communalism, 1880-1940
Shah. , M., Ph.D. (1990), London (Robb, P.G.)
The struggle for supremacy between the Zands and the Qajars, 1193-1209 A.H./1779-94 A.D.: a society in transition
Shahnavaz, Parinaz, Ph.D. (1982), Edinburgh (Elwell-Sutton, L.P.)
Britain and the opening of the Karun river, c.1873-1910
Shahnavaz. , S., D.Phil. (1981), Oxford (Owen, E.R.J.)
The formation of the Indo-European telegraph line: Britain, the Ottoman empire and Persia, 1855-65.
Shahvar, Suliman, Ph.D. (1997), London (Burrell, R. Michael)
The Sirat al-Malik al-Mukarram [459/1066-477/1084], an edition and commentary.
Shakir, Mohammed, Ph.D. (1999), London (Hawting, Gerald R.)
King Saul: a re-examination of his reign and its effect on Israel down to the Schism.
Shalom-Brooks, Simcha, Ph.D. (1998), London (North, John A.)
An intellectual biography of C.G. Jung.
Shamdasani, Sonu, Ph.D. (1997), London (Bynum, William F.)