Theses completed (UK)

Georgian women and the business of print: family, gender and the provincial press of Northern England, 1700-1850.
Snowdon, Ria, Ph.D. (2010), Newcastle (Berry, Helen; Paton, Diana)
Women's health and illness, 1550-1700.
Snowdon, Sarah K., M.Phil. (1995), Reading (Houlbrooke, R.A.)
Stereotypes and heroines: women on the London stage in British and European drama in 1914.
Stam, Christine, Ph.D. (2009), Surrey
Women in German society, 1930-40.
Stephenson, A. Jill R., Ph. D. (1974), Edinburgh (Robertson, E.M.; Kiernan, V.G.)
Women workers in the Second World War: a study of the interplay in official policy between the need to mobilize women for war and conventional expectations about their roles at work and at home in the period 1939-45
Summerfield, A. Penny, D.Phil. (1982), Sussex (Yeo, C.S.; Harrison, J.F.C.)
Gender, colonialism and nationalism in the 1930s Indian women's movement.
Suruchi, Thapar, Ph.D. (1997), Warwick (Wolkowitz, Carol; Liddle, Joanna)
Reconstructing the history of women's participation in the nationalist movement in India, 1905-45: a study of women activists in Uttar Pradesh.
Thapar-Björkert, Suruchi, Ph.D. (1997), Warwick (Wolkowitz, Carol; Liddle, Joanna)
Gender and ministry: the experience of early women Congregational ministers.
Thorpe, Kirsten, Ph.D. (2005), Manchester (Graham, Elaine L.)
Young women, employment and the family in inter-war England.
Todd, Selina, D.Phil. (2003), Sussex (Gazeley, Ian S.; Thane, Patricia M.)
Intellectual and cultural interests of women in Ireland, c.1750-1850.
Townsend, Lisa, Ph.D. (2007), Belfast
To be a moudjahida in independent Algeria: itineraries and memories of women veterans of the War of Independence, 1954-62.
Vince, Natalya, Ph.D. (2008), London (Jackson, Julian T.)
Transforming the gendered organisation of labour: factory women and industrialisation in Taiwan, 1960-2000.
Wang, Shih-Chih, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Victorian religion and its influence on women writers. A study of four women: Grace Aguilar, Harriet Martineau, George Eliot and Mary Kingsley.
West-Burnham, Jocelyn, Ph.D. (2000), Open University
Politics and political culture in English women's colleges, 1890-1914.
Wiggins, Sarah, Ph.D. (2003), London (Vickery, Amanda)
Ideology and identity: married women's experience in England, 1750-1870.
Williams, Carole, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Freedom without licence: family attitudes toward women in 19th-century America.
Williams, Mark, M.A. (1995), Essex (Brogan, D.H.V.)
Becoming gentlemen: women writers, masculinity and war, 1778-1818.
Woodworth, Megan A., Ph.D. (2008), Exeter
Making shift: independent single women in S.W. Wales during the 18th century.
Davidson, Lesley, M.Phil. (2001), Wales
Protestant dissenters in Hampshire, c.1640-1740.
Johnson, Rosalind N., Ph.D. (2013), Winchester (Stuart, Elizabeth; Morrin, Jean)
Writing religious communities: the spiritual lives and manuscript cultures of English women, 1740-90.
Aalders, Cindy, D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Gleadle, Kathryn J.; Garnett, Jane)