Theses completed (UK)

The history of the Northern Ireland committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, 1964-74.
Gray, Christopher, M.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Mulholland, Marc)
An age of emotion: expertise and subjectivity on old age in Britain.
Greenhalgh, Charlotte M., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Houlbrook, Matt)
Religious violence, secularism and the British security imaginary, 2001-9.
Gutkowski, Stacey E., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Jones, Charles)
'They opened a whole new world': feminine modernity and the feminine imagination in women's magazines, 1919-39.
Hackney, Fiona, Ph.D. (2012), London (Alexander, Sally A.; Richmond, Vivienne)
Building the empire, building the nation: Water, land, and the politics of river-development in Sind, 1898-1969
Haines, Daniel, Ph.D. (2011), London (Ansari, Sarah)
The rise of risk and blame in post-war Britain: severe weather events and their lasting effects.
Hall, Alex, Ph.D. (2012), Manchester (Sumner, James; Turchetti, Simone)
Buying modernity? The consumer experience of domestic electricity in the era of the grid.
Hankin, Emily, Ph.D. (2012), Manchester (Hughes, Jeff A.)
Theatre, medical identities and ethics, 1983-2008.
Harpin, Anna R., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Reviving a great sector of London to the benefit of the community': the London County Council's rebuilding of the South Bank as a cultural quarter, 1945-76.
Harwood, Elain, Ph.D. (2009), Bristol
British Intelligence, Counter-Subversion, and 'Informal Empire' in the Middle East, 1949-1963.
Hashimoto, Chikara, Ph.D. (2013), Aberystwyth (Scott, Len; Vaughan, James)
The Irish in post-war England: experience, memory and belonging in narratives of migration, 1945-69.
Hazley, Barry, Ph.D. (2012), Manchester (Summerfield, Penny)
Civilian evacuation to Devon in the Second World War.
Hess, Susan J., Ph.D. (2006), Exeter
A communications revolution: mass media and protest in Britain, 1958-68.
Hill, Christopher, Ph.D. (2012), St. Andrews (De Groot, Jerry)
Imperialism and 'alternative' film culture: the Empire Marketing Board film unit, 1926-33.
Hoare, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2011), Kingston (Brown, Simon; Davis, John R.)
Bishop Walter Baddeley.
Hodgson, Antony, M.Phil. (2010), London (Burns, Arthur)
Labour in the party contest: British politics, 1931-9.
Hogan, Andrew, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Whiting, Richard C.; Hartley, Owen A.)
Housing needs: power, subjectivity and public housing in England, 1920-70.
Hollow, Matthew L., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Houlbrook, Matt)
The foreign policy of the Douglas-Home government, 1963-4.
Holt, Andrew, Ph.D. (2010), Nottingham (Young, John W.)
Mythicising the fighter pilot of the Battle of Britain.
Holte, Ryan, M.Phil. (2010), Wales (Eldridge, Colin)
Propaganda, pride and prejudice: revisiting the Empire Marketing Board posters at Manchester City Galleries.
Horton, M., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester Metropolitan