Theses completed (UK)

Cancer and the individual in Britain, 1850-2000.
Baines, Joanna E., Ph.D. (2009), Manchester (Pickstone, John V.)
Isaac Cruikshank and the notion of English liberty, 1783-1811.
Baker, James, M.Phil. (2011), Kent (Welch, David; Ditchfield, Grayson)
Nineteenth-century synthetic dyes: identification methods and the implications of the results for textile history and textile conservation.
Baker, Rosie, Ph.D. (2013), Southampton (Hayward, Maria A.)
Politeness in 18th-century Sheffield: practices, accoutrements and spaces for sociability.
Banham, Julie, Ph.D. (2012), Sheffield (Shoemaker, Robert B.)
Military masculinity and public opinion in the 18th century.
Banister, Julia A., Ph.D. (2010), Southampton
Heroes of peace: the Royal Humane Society and the award of medals in Britain, 1774-1914.
Barclay, Craig, Ph.D. (2011), York (Walvin, James; Cubitt, Geoffrey T.)
Idle, immoral and profligate lives: a comparative study of vagrancy in Huddersfield and Leeds, 1850-1910.
Barrett, John W., Ph.D. (2012), Huddersfield (Laybourn, K.; Taylor, D.)
How were war literature and memory utilised as political tools in Germany following the First World War, and what implications does this have for the larger historiography?
Barrilleaux, Jane L., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Gregory, Adrian M.)
'Not an exact science': medical approaches to age and sexual offences in England, 1850-1914.
Bates, Victoria, Ph.D. (2012), Exeter (Toulalan, Sarah)
Memorial text narratives in Britain, 'c'.1890-1930.
Batten, Sonia L., Ph.D. (2011), Birmingham
'A means more adequate for the measure': the Select Committee Inquiry on the State of Mendicity in the Metropolis, 1815-16.
Baylis, Luke T., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Innes, Joanna M.)
Middle-class women and the ideology of domesticity: a study of gender, work and politics in Leeds, 1870-1920.
Bayston, Simon R., M.A. (1995), Leeds (Honeyman, Katrina; Collins, M.)
The regulation of drunkenness in 19th-century Liverpool.
Beckingham, David J., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Foundations of radicalism.
Bend, Nathan, M.A. (2014), Leeds (Chase, Malcolm S.)
The English Anglican practice of pew renting, 1800-1960.
Bennett, John C., Ph.D. (2011), Birmingham
The development of English freemasonry and its social and political influences in the early 18th century.
Berman, Richard, Ph.D. (2010), Exeter (Black, Jeremy; Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas)
Dissecting the medical marketplace: the development of healthcare provision in 19th-century Portsmouth.
Biddle, Richard, Ph.D. (2009), Oxford Brookes
Leisure, culture and tourism in small towns in Derbyshire, 1750-1850.
Binder, Che R., Ph.D. (2012), Leicester (Sweet, Rosemary H.)
What thought of 'head office' to 'one off his head': escaping 'clerkly lives' in middlebrow fiction, 1892-1945.
Bishop, Nicola, Ph.D. (2014), Lancaster (Taylor, James; Schad, John)
John Collet (c.1725-1780): a commercial comic artist.
Blackwell, Caitlin, Ph.D. (2014), York (Hallett, Mark L.)