Theses completed (UK)

Pavao Ritter Vitezovic: defining national identity in the Baroque age.
Simpson, Catherine A., Ph.D. (1991), London (Bracewell, C. Wendy)
St. Andrews University Library in the 18th century: Scottish education and print culture.
Simpson, Matthew, Ph.D. (1999), St. Andrews
'The outskirts of empire': anxious government and state-building in the Punjab, 1849-c.1910.
Simpson, Thomas, Ph.D. (2012), Cambridge (Sivasundaram, Sujit P.; Kapila, Shruti)
Kara-Koyunlu administration.
Sinclair, Thomas, Ph.D. (1993), Birmingham (Bryer, A.A.M.; Ursinus, M.O.H.)
The origins of the partition of India, 1936-47
Singh, Anita I., D.Phil. (1981), Oxford (Robinson, R.E.)
History of the eastern Ganga dynasty, c.1038-1238 A.D.
Singh, D., Ph.D. (1973), London (de Casparis, J.G.)
State formation and the establishment of non-Muslim hegemony in post-Mughal 19th-century Panjab.
Singh, Rishi, Ph.D. (2009), London (Powell, Avril)
Political prisoners in India, 1920-77.
Singh, Ujjwal K., Ph.D. (1996), London (Taylor, D.D.)
Communism in Punjab up to 1967
Singh. , G., Ph.D. (1987), London (Nossiter, T.J.)
A 'despotism of law': British criminal justice and public authority in N. India, 1772-1837
Singha, Radhika, Ph.D. (1990), Cambridge (Bayly, C.A.)
Communications and patterns of circulation: trade, travel and knowledge in colonial Bihar, 1760s-1870s.
Sinha, Nitin, Ph.D. (2007), London
The Mosul question in Anglo-Turkish relations, 1922-6.
Sipahioglu, Ugur, Ph.D. (1995), Cambridge (Langhorne, R.T.B.)
Some aspects of the economic and social history of Cmabridge under Elixabeth I.
Siraut, Mary C., M. Litt. (1978), Cambridge (Miller, E.)
Aspects of Islamic revival in Turkey, 1950-60.
Sitembolukbasi, Saban, Ph.D. (1991), Manchester (Yasamee, F.A.K.)
A forest polity in western India: the Dangs, 1800s-1920s.
Skaria, Ajay, Ph.D. (1992), Cambridge (Bayly, C.A.)
some aspects of epidemics in England, 1485-1640.
Slack, P.A., D. Phil. (1972), Oxford (Hoskins, W.G.)
The Merchant Taylors Company of London, 1580-1645, with special reference to politics and government
Sleigh-Johnson, N.V., Ph.D. (1989), London (Pearl, Valerie L.)
British policy towards Israel, 1949-51.
Sless, Jonathan P., Ph.D. (2000), London
Transplanting liberal education: higher education in 19th-century Bombay Presidency, India.
Sliwka, Anne H.E., D.Phil. (1998), Oxford (Brown, Judith M.)
The Toyama rice riots of 1918
Sloss, C.D., M.Phil. (1989), Sheffield