Theses completed (UK)

Profit and loss from the British Mandate: Iraq under British administration and influence, 1914-32.
Sluglett, P.J., D.Phil. (1973), Oxford (Hourani, A,.H.)
Class, estate and status in Czechoslovakia, 1918-38.
Smales, Margaret B., Ph.D. (1984), Open University (Marwick, A.J.B.)
The constitutional thought of Winston Churchill, 1906-29.
Small, L.J., M.Litt. (1996), Cambridge (Reynolds, David J.)
Moneyers of the late Anglo-Saxon coinage, 1016-42
Smart, V.J., Ph.D. (1981), Nottingham
British economic policy in Palestine towards the development of the Jewish national home, 1920-9.
Smith, Barbara J., D.Phil. (1978), Oxford (Owen, E.R.J.)
Nutrition in Britain in the 20th century
Smith, D.F., Ph.D. (1987), Edinburgh
Black American soldiers in Britain, 1942-5, in World War II
Smith, G.A., Ph.D. (1982), Keele (Ellison, Mary L.A.)
The Ayyubids and early Rasulids in the Yemen: a detailed study of Ibn Hatim's Kitab al-Simt and its historical setting.
Smith, G.R., Ph.D. (1976), Cambridge (Serjeant, R.B.)
Georgian monarchical culture in England, 1714-60.
Smith, H.E., Ph.D. (2002), Cambridge (Goldie, Mark A.)
Design network: 18th-century ceramics.
Smith, Kate, M.A. (2006), Warwick
The Greek occupation of western Asia Minor 1919-22 and the 'National Schism'.
Smith, M.J. Llewellyn, D.Phil. (1971), Oxford (Campbell, J.K.)
The historical development of the English law of public navigation on rivers
thesis - teaser
British nationalism, imperialism and the City of London, 1880-1900
Smith, S.R.B., Ph.D. (1985), London (Harcourt, Freda)
Commercial enterprise and urban identity of Bombay, 1794-1945
Smith, Sheila M., Ph.D. (1990), Wales (Swansea) (Newman, R.K.)
The railways of N. Derbyshire in 1910: a traffic study and economic analysis of existing and proposed lines
Smith. , M.W., M.Phil. (1989), Sheffield (Booth, A.E.)
Army contracting, banking and coal mining: a business history of the Lowes of Denby, 1750-1830
Smith. , D.J., Ph.D. (1985), Nottingham (Chapman, S.D.)
Two revolts in Palestine: an examination of the British response to Arab and Jewish rebellion, 1936-48
Smith. , C.M., Ph.D. (1990), Cambridge (Towle, P.A.)
A forest of masts: the image of the River Thames in the 18th century.
Snell, Geoffrey, D.Phil. (2013), Sussex (Quilley, Geoffrey)
Pakistan's relations with Britain, 1947-51, with particular reference to some problems of partition
Sohail. , M., Ph.D. (1986), Leeds (Dilks, D.N.)
Lebanon and Arab nationalism, 1936-45
Solh. , R.K., D.Phil. (1986), Oxford (Owen, E.R.J.)