Theses completed (UK)

Greece in Asia Minor: the Greek administration of the vilayet of Aydin, 1919-22
Solomonidis, Victoria, Ph.D. (1985), London (Clogg, R.R.M.)
Jacobean political thought and the controversy over the oath of allegiance
Sommerville, J.P., Ph.D. (1981), Cambridge (Elton, G.R.)
Independent thought, 1603-49
Sommerville, Margaret R., Ph.D. (1982), Cambridge (Tuck, R.F.)
The discourse of human rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea: historical, political and cultural perspectives.
Song, Jiyoung, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Chiang Kai-shek and the New Gui Clique - partners and rivals: the role of the New Gui Clique in modern Chinese history.
Song, Yingxian, Ph.D. (1996), Leeds
The development of Sarajevo during the period of Austro-Hungarian administration (1878-1918).
Sparks, M.W.D., Ph.D. (2012), Open University (Mombauer, Annika; Benton, Tim)
From Kulturnation to Staatsnation: the transformation of Austrian national identity since the Second World War.
Spät, Martin O., M.Litt. (1996), Oxford (Pulzer, Peter G.J.)
Travelling to the Orient: Catholic pilgrims and their perception of Islam and Muslims (1900-50).
Specker, Manuela, M.St. (2012), Oxford (Zimmer, Oliver)
Britian and the transfer of power in Indonesia, 1945-6.
Squire, C.W., Ph.D. (1979), London (McVey, Ruth T.)
Some aspects of education and educational administration in the Madras Presidency between 1870 and 1989: a study of British educational policy in India.
Srivastava, S., Ph.D. (1978), London (Harrison, J.B.)
The experience of four famines in NWP&O (1837-8, 1860-1, 1868-9, 1896-7): the gainers and the losers.
Srivastava, Seema, D.Phil. (2005), Oxford
The Ministry of Health, 1919-29: ideas and practice in a government department
Stacey, S.R., D.Phil. (1985), Oxford (Harris, Jose F.)
War by committee: counter-insurgency, the Malayan example, 1948-57
Stanborough, P.E., M.Litt. (1988), Oxford (Howard, M.E.)
Frontier crossing from N. China to Liao, c.900-1005.
Standen, Naomi L., Ph.D. (1994), Durham
New perspectives on the early China mission enterprise: a study of the Weixian station's educational and medical enterprise, 1883-1920.
Stanley, John R., Ph.D. (2003), London (Tiedemann, R. Gary)
Health, policy and medical research: Hepatitis B. in the U.K., since the 1940s.
Stanton, Jennifer M., Ph.D. (1995), London (Berridge, Virginia)
The employment of nurses in public mental hospitals (England and Wales), 1909-75
Stanton, K.A., Ph.D. (1984), London (Abel-Smith, B.)
British food policy and diet in the First World War
Stark, Julie G., Ph.D. (1985), London (Barker, T.C.)
The Bangorian controversy, c.1716-1721.
Starkie, Andrew E., Ph.D. (2003), Cambridge (Goldie, Mark A.)
Crops and contracts: land tenure in England, c.1700-1850.
Stead, David R., D.Phil. (2002), Oxford (Offer, Avner; Humphries, K.J.)