Theses completed (UK)

The relationship between commercial associations and real property: a study in legal history
Stebbings, Chantal, Ph.D. (1982), Exeter (Clapp, B.W.; Stiff, P.M.)
Inflation and economic policy in a small open economy: Iceland in the post-war period.
Stefansson, S.B., Ph.D. (1982), Essex
The Empire aggrandized: British sculpture sent to the Indian subcontinent, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore, 1790-1948.
Steggles, Mary A., Ph.D. (1993), Leicester (Yarrington, Alison W.)
Everyday life in the Biedermeier period: a case study of Piestingtal.
Stein, Rosemary E., M.Phil. (Ext.) (1991), London
Family health maintenance and responses to poor health in Manchester, 1919-39.
Stelfox, Margaret, Ph.D. (1995), Lancaster (Constantine, S.; Pooley, C.G.)
Crafted links: the transformation of Masonic ritual order, 1772-1802. An intellectual history of the Preston-Webb synthesis.
Stemper, William, D.Phil. (2001), Oxford
The institutional care and treatment of people categorized as mentally defective before and after the Second World War: the Royal Eastern Counties Institution.
Stevens, Andrew R.A., Ph.D. (1998), Essex (Crawford, Catherine J.)
Colonial subjectivity: Keshab Chandra Sen in London and Calcutta, 1870-84.
Stevens, John A., Ph.D. (2011), London (Hall, Catherine M.)
The design of prisons and mental hospitals in the neo-classical period, with special reference to the work of C.F. Hansen 1756-1845).
Stevenson, Christine M., Ph.D. (1986), London (Newman, J.A.; Lund, H.)
The Mamluks and the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia.
Stewart, Angus, Ph.D. (1999), St. Andrews (Kennedy, Hugh N.)
Commerce and finance in English graphic satire, c.1720-c.1783.
Stewart, E. McA., Ph.D. (2002), Cambridge (Hilton, A.J. Boyd)
Restoring the Reformation: British Evangelicalism and the `Reveil' at Geneva, 1816-49.
Stewart, Kenneth J.J., Ph.D. (1992), Edinburgh
Aspects of the Colonial Office administration of the trusteeship concept, with sepcial reference to Kenya and Nigeria, 1919-43.
Stibbs, T.P.C., D.Phil. (1979), Oxford (Newbury, C.W.)
The expenses of an English embassy to the Mongol Ilkhan
Stileman, M. Ann, M.Phil. (1988), Birmingham (Bryer, A.A.M.)
The honour of Pontefract, the manor of Wakefield and their region: a social and economic study, c.1270-c.1350.
Stinson, Marie, Ph.D. (1991), Leeds (Chartres, J.A.)
Enterprise culture in late 18th-century Birmingham.
Stirk, Nigel P., Ph.D. (1998), Cambridge (Billinge, Mark D.)
The urban system in the regional economy of N.W. England, 1700-60.
Stobart, Jon V., D.Phil. (1993), Oxford (Langton, J.)
The development of Malayan Union experiment, 1942-8.
Stockwell, A.J., Ph.D. (1973), London (Cowan, C.D.)
Tihamah Gazetteer, the southern Red Sea coast of Arabia to 923/1517.
Stone, Francine L., Ph.D. (1999), Manchester (Smith, G. Rex)
The oldest ally: Britain and the Portuguese connection, 1936-41.
Stone, G.A., Ph.D. (1986), London (Robertson, E.M.)