Theses completed (UK)

Religion and empire in Manchester, c.1877-1905.
Cunniffe, Stephen, Ph.D. (2011), Manchester (Jones, Max)
Why Donegal slept: the development of Gaelic games in Donegal, 1884-1934.
Curran, Conor, Ph.D. (2013), De Montfort (Taylor, Matthew)
Jeremy Bentham's prolonged attack on declarations of natural rights.
Cuthbert, Neil D., M.St. (2014), Oxford (Young, Brian)
'Wanton and torturing punishments': patterns of discipline and punishment in the Royal Navy, 1783-1815.
Dacam, John H., Ph.D. (2009), Hull (Gorski, Richard C.)
Paternalism and conservatism in late 19th-century Britain.
Dale, Alexander, M.A. (2012), York (Renwick, Christopher)
The 4th earl of Carnarvon (1831-90).
Daniel, James, Ph.D. (2010), Sheffield (Baycroft, Timothy P.)
War, naval logistics and the British state: supplying the Baltic fleet, 1808-12.
Davey, James, Ph.D. (2009), Greenwich (Knight, Roger J.B.)
Crossing the floor: Mary Derby, the 15th earl and the Liberals, 1878-82.
Davey, Jennifer H., Ph.D. (2012), East Anglia
The social and cultural history of the English fair: a comparative study of Stourbridge, Winchester and Wolverhampton fairs, 1700-1870.
Davidson, Jessica A., M.St. (2014), Oxford (Harris, Bob)
The development of freemasonry in Merthyr Tydfil, 1810-1914.
Davies, Pamela, Ph.D. (2011), Sheffield (Prescott, A.)
The agrarian economy of Romney Marsh and its hinterland with special reference to the Knatchbull estate, c.1730-90.
Davison, Anne, Ph.D. (2012), Canterbury Christ Church (Hipkin, Stephen A.)
Studies in art history writing and revision of Whistler's art history.
Day, James, Ph.D. (2014), London (Parkinson, Gavin)
The development of British foreign dockyards during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, 1793-1815.
Day, John, Ph.D. (2012), Exeter (Morriss, Roger)
Jews and British sport: ethnicity, integration and anti-Semitism, 'c'.1880-'c'.1960.
Dee, David, Ph.D. (2011), De Montfort (Panayi, Panikos)
Materialising cultural value in the English Lakes, 1735-1845: a study of the responses of new landowners to representations of place and people.
Denman, Derek, Ph.D. (2011), Lancaster (Winchester, Angus J.L.; Winstanley, Michael J.)
The invention of the scientist: John Tyndall and the fight for scientific authority, 1850-1900.
DeYoung, Ursula, D.Phil. (2009), Oxford (Whyte, William H.)
Winston Churchill and the Islamic world, 1895-1956.
Dockter, A. Warren, Ph.D. (1970), Nottingham (Mawby, Spencer W.; Wrigley, Christopher J.)
Archaeology and the state: an analysis of English public policy.
Doeser, James, Ph.D. (2011), London
Homeward bound: re-membering slavery in the landscape of the metropole.
Donington, Katie, Ph.D. (2014), London (Hall, Catherine M.)
The contribution of Afro-British writers to the abolition of the slave trade in 1807.
Donohue, Tiffany L., M.St. (2014), Oxford (Humphries, Jane)