Theses completed (UK)

Women workers in the General Post Office, 1939-45: gender conflict or political emancipation?
Crowley, Mark, Ph.D. (2010), London (Thane, Patricia M.)
Military organization in Lancastrian Normandy, 1422-50
Curry, Anne E., Ph.D. (1985), Council for National Academic Awards (Pollard, A.J.)
A study of the growth of churches in Bolton during the Industrial Revolution
Dale, P.N., Ph.D. (1984), Wales (Bangor)
Cerddi'r i'r Tai Crefyddol, 1340-1539.
Davies, Catrin T.B., M. A. (1973), Wales (Bangor) (Williams-Jones, W.K.)
Postcolonial literary publishing: Oxford University Press in Africa and the Three Crowns series.
Davis, Caroline R., Ph.D. (2011), Open University
Halifax politics, 1890-1914
Dawson, Patricia A., Ph.D. (1987), Council for National Academic Awards (Laybourn, K.; Wright, D.G.; Howell, D.)
The history of Leicester School of Art, 1869-1939
de Beaumont, Lys, M.Phil. (1988), Council for National Academic Awards (Honey, J.; Kirkham, P.; Bethel, D.)
Influences on Labour party foreign policy, 1906-14
Deaner, J.M., M.Phil. (1985), Council for National Academic Awards
Women artists in Britain between the two World Wars.
Deepwell, Catherine N., Ph.D. (1991), London
Women at the Front: gender conflicts during the First World War.
Dennant, Lynda, Ph.D. (1998), Warwick (Luddy, Maria)
Elementary schooling, 1860-1902: the development of elementary education in Church of England schools in the Ploughly hundred, Oxfordshire
Dew. , Barbara, M.Phil. (1990), Council for National Academic Awards (Cunningham, P.J.; Lowe, R.A.)
Social policy in Northern Ireland between 1939 and 1950
Ditch, J.S., Ph.D. (1985), Council for National Academic Awards
Labour women politicians in the 1920s.
Docherty, Jennifer, M.A. (1997), Manchester Metropolitan (Kidd, Alan J.; Hunt, Karen)
Accounting and the dehumanisation of African slaves during the British slave trade: an examination of the accounts of William Davenport and William Earle, two Liverpool based slaving merchants.
Dodds, Stephen E., M.Phil. (2009), Newcastle
The medieval concept of justice: the philosophical and juristic concept of justice in the late 12th and early 13th centuries and its correspondence with royal justice as described in 13th-century English legal literature
Doe, C.N., LL.M. (1982), Wales (Cardiff)
Public subsidy for the arts in the northern region: the development of a structure for subsidizing the northern region of England, 1945-75
Dougan, D.J., Ph.D. (1982), City University
English and Englishness: a cultural history of English studies in British higher education, 1880-1980
Doyle, B.A., Ph.D. (1986), Council for National Academic Awards
The Qua Iboe Mission, 1887-1925.
Doyle, Elaine, Ph.D. (2010), Belfast (Jeffery, Keith J.)
'I matter not how I appear to man': a view of women's lives concentrating on the writings of non-élite women, 1640-63.
Drake, Valerie C., Ph.D. (1988), Council for National Academic Awards (Heard, N.; Hill, C.)
The lands west of the lakes: the history of Ajattappareng, South Sulawesi, A.D. 1200-1600.
Druce, Stephen C., Ph.D. (2005), Hull