Theses completed (UK)

Dialogue with the state: young people, women, the literary establishment and the Church in the German Democratic Republic.
Madarasz, Jeannette, Ph.D. (2002), London (Fullbrook, Mary J.A.)
The Brynmawr experiment, 1928-40: Quaker values and Arts and Crafts principles.
Manasseh, Pamela, Ph.D. (2009), Plymouth
'Unrepentant Victorians': generational identities and tensions in Britain, c.1901-39.
Marks, Duncan, Ph.D. (2012), Sheffield (Griffiths, Clare V.J.)
Working-class responses to unemployment on Merseyside, c.1978-98: a Thompsonian analysis.
Marren, Brian, Ph.D. (1970), Liverpool (Campbell, Alan B.)
The effect of the 1918-19 influenza pandemic in Ulster.
Marsh, Patricia, Ph.D. (2010), Belfast (Coleman, Marie)
Centring the computer in the business of banking: Barclays Bank and technological change, 1954-74.
Martin, I., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
On being young and left wing in the Thirties: the memory of a younger world.
Maslen, Joseph, Ph.D. (2010), Manchester (Summerfield, Penny; Morgan, Kevin)
Communities in Mourning: Commemoration and Memorial Construction in West Wales following the Great War.
Mason, Lester, Ph.D. (2010), Wales (Knight, Frances)
Fighting polio: selling the gamma globulin field trials, 1950-3.
Mawdsley, Stephen E., Ph.D. (2012), Cambridge (Badger, Anthony J.)
The forgotten evacuees: the experience of Channel Island evacuees in northern England, 1940-5.
Mawson, Gillian, M.Phil. (2011), Manchester (Summerfield, Penny)
Northern Ireland: Sunningdale, power-sharing and British-Irish relations, 1972-75.
McDaid, Shaun, Ph.D. (2009), Belfast (McGarry, Fearghal P.)
Pressure groups and occupational health: the Society for the Prevention of Asbestosis and Industrial Diseases (S.P.A.I.D.), 1976-2008.
McDougall, William A., Ph.D. (2013), Glasgow Caledonian (Greenlees, Janet; McIvor, Arthur)
Harmony and discord within the English 'counter-culture', 1965-75, with particular reference to the 'rock operas' Hair, Tommy, Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar.
McGowan, Jack, Ph.D. (2012), London (Todman, Daniel W.; Sassoon, Donald)
From dependence to binge: alcohol consumption and management in Nottingham, 1970-2007.
McGregor, Jane, Ph.D. (2010), London (Berridge, Virginia)
The memory and representation of World War II and the Holocaust among Jews and non-Jews in Britain across three generations.
McKay, Thomas, Ph.D. (2012), Leicester (Jensen, Olaf)
'The best hated man': George Malcolm Thomson, intellectuals and the condition of Scotland between the wars.
McKechnie, George, Ph.D. (2012), Swansea (Johnes, Martin O.)
James McNeill: a man of his time.
McNeill, Ruari, M.Phil. (2009), Glasgow
Human tissue legislation in the United Kingdom, 1952-2006: a history and comparative analysis of policy development.
McNeish, Alexander S., Ph.D. (2011), London
Patterns of allotment holding in the Black Country, 1914-2000.
McNicol, S., Ph.D. (2007), Wolverhampton (Henderson, Paul)
Picturing the railway passenger as customer in Britain: the Great Western Railway, 1903-39.
Medcalf, Alexander, Ph.D. (2012), York (Divall, Colin)