Theses completed (UK)

'Who do you think you are?' Gay men, self-perception and identity in Scotland, 1940-80.
Meek, Jeff, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Gordon, Eleanor; Elliot, Rosemary)
Fiscal policy and economic management in the 1930s
Middleton. , R.A.H., Ph.D. (1981), Cambridge (Neild, R. R.; Pressnell, L.S.)
'I still love the pictures': modern femininity, youth and the cinema in inter-war England.
Mills, Helena C., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Todd, Selina)
Invalid definitions, invalid responses: defining, defending and dividing disability in the welfare state, 1965-95.
Millward, Gareth J., Ph.D. (2013), London (Gorsky, Martin)
Inter-war headmistresses: gender, identity, space-place.
Milsom, Zoe, Ph.D (2012), Winchester (Spencer, Stephanie; Goodman, Joyce)
The Army League, conscription and the 1956 defence review.
Mitchell, David J., Ph.D. (1970), East Anglia (Butler, Lawrence J.)
The National War Aims Committee and British patriotism during World War I.
Monger, David, Ph.D. (2009), London (Readman, Paul A.)
Gender, ritual and power: the Blueshirts and Irish political culture, 1932-6.
Montgomery, Dale, Ph.D. (2011), Belfast (McGarry, Fearghal P.)
From civil liberties to human rights? British civil liberties activism, 1934-89.
Moores, Christopher, Ph.D. (2011), Birmingham
An eminent British studio: the Stoll Film Companies and British cinema, 1918-28.
Morris, Nathalie, Ph.D. (2009), East Anglia
Causation and impact of silicosis in Scotland in the 20th century.
Morrison, Sue, Ph.D. (2007), Glasgow Caledonian (Johnston, Ronald; McFarland, Elaine W.)
The commercial and technical evolution of the ferry industry, 1948-87.
Moses, William, Ph.D. (2011), Greenwich (Palmer, Sarah R.; Couper, Alastair)
Unmarried mothers in the Furness area, 1945-2000.
Muir, Fran, M.A. (2012), Central Lancashire (Caunce, Stephen; Gritt, Andrew)
'Washtub women': a study of female school inspectors from the 1890s to the 1920s.
Mullins, Carole, M.Ed. (2000), Liverpool (Harrop, Sylvia A.)
Asylum seekers in Leicester: local responses.
Mupinga, Euphemia, Ph.D. (2012), De Montfort (Panayi, Panikos)
'On an equal footing with men?' Women and work at the B.B.C., 1923-39.
Murphy, Catherine, M.Phil. (2011), London (Alexander, Sally; Jones, Helen)
A social history of the British casino industry.
Murphy, Seamus, Ph.D. (2010), De Montfort (Hill, Jeff)
Women and the work of cultural production in A.T.V.'s regional television news, 1956-68.
Murray, Gillian E., Ph.D. (2013), Leicester (Sally, Horrocks)
Bankside power station: planning, politics and pollution.
Murray, Stephen, Ph.D. (2014), Leicester (Gunn, Simon; Horrocks, Sally)
Reforming Nottingham, 1961-72: a cultural geography.
Neate, Hannah, Ph.D. (2010), Nottingham (Daniels, Stephen; Vasudevan, Alex)