Theses completed (UK)

The Second World War and the nationalist community in Northern Ireland.
Nelis, Tina, Ph.D. (2012), Manchester (Geiger, Till)
Explaining variations in municipal hospital provision in the 1930s.
Neville, Julia, Ph.D. (2009), Exeter
The celebrity gossip column and newspaper journalism in Britain, 1918-1939.
Newman, Sarah L., D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Houlbrook, Matt)
Seán MacBride and Irish republicanism, 1904-46: a contextual biography.
Nic Dháibhéid, Caoimhe S., Ph.D. (2009), Belfast
Life support in 20th-century medicine: a history of British intensive care.
Nicholls, Alice, Ph.D. (2011), Manchester (Worboys, Michael)
Policy and policymaking in local government. Re-visiting the I.L.E.A.: a study of the Inner London Education Authority (I.L.E.A.), 1964-90.
Noble, Malcolm M., Ph.D. (2011), London (Green, Tony; Martin, Jane)
Citizenship and immigration in British politics, 1968-81.
Nolan, Mark, Ph.D. (2013), Hull (Simmonds, Alan G.V.)
Women and the British North Sea oil industry: an oral history
O'Byrne, Catherine, Ph.D. (2010), Aberdeen
Writing a rural society in transition: society, identity and nostalgia in rural Northern Ireland, 1939-68.
O'Kane, Clare, Ph.D. (2011), Belfast (Gray, Peter; Hughes, Eamonn)
British World War II films, 1945-65: catharsis or national regeneration?
O'Neill, Esther, Ph.D. (2007), Central Lancashire (Paris, Michael J.; Russell, David C.)
A history of opera in performance: Verdi's 'Macbeth' at Glyndebourne, 1938-2007.
O'Neill, Sinead, Ph.D. (2010), London
Studying sociology and the student revolt: 'The Troubles' at L.S.E. as an academic project, 1967-70.
O'Rourke, Hannah E., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Houlbrook, Matt)
The hidden persuaders: government scientists and defence in post-war Britain.
Oikonomou, Alexandros, Ph.D. (2011), Imperial College London (Edgerton, David E.H.)
Whitehall, industrial mobilisation and the private manufacture of armaments: British state-industry relations, 1918-36.
Packard, Edward, Ph.D. (2009), London (Boyce, Robert W.D.)
The spiv and urban fantasy in post-Second World War Britain.
Papadopoulos, Alexander, Ph.D. (2011), Manchester (Mort, Frank)
Gender and the society sportswoman: the construction of narratives in the British inter-war society press.
Parikka, Sanna H.E., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Houlbrook, Matt)
British politics in the Edwardian era: a comparative study of the 1906 general election.
Parry, Jason, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Worley, Matthew)
History of the steel industry in the Port Talbot area, 1900-88.
Parry, Stephen, Ph.D. (2011), Leeds (Tolliday, Stephen W.)
Science collection, exhibition and display in public museums in Britain from World War II through the 1960s.
Parsons III, Thad, D.Phil. (2009), Oxford (Bennett, James A.)
The evolution and impact of Royal Air Force doctrine, 1919-39.
Parton, Neville, Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Towle, Philip)