Theses completed (UK)

Women workers and trade union participation in Scotland, 1919-39.
Arnot, Julie, Ph.D. (1999), Glasgow (Gordon, Eleanor J.; Crowther, M. Anne)
Suffrage, solidarity and strife: political partnerships and the women's movement, 1880-1930.
Balshaw, June, Ph.D. (1998), Greenwich (John, Angela V.; Leggett, Denise)
Temperate feminists: The British Women's Temperance Association, 1870-1914.
Barrow, Margaret, Ph.D. (1999), Manchester (Rose, Michael E.)
Women's networks in northern England, 1600-1725.
Baxter, Paula, Ph.D. (2002), Northumbria at Newcastle (Cowan, Alexander F.; Richards, Jennifer T.; Rushton, Peter)
Women's traditions in the Leeds tailoring industry
Bryon. , Fiona, M.A. (1981), Leeds (Green, A.E.)
Women's organisations in Nottingham, 1918-1970s.
Clements, Samantha, Ph.D. (2008), Nottingham (Meller, Helen E.)
Women, health and charity: women in the poor relief systems in 18th-century Scotland and France.
Diack, H. Lesley, Ph.D. (1999), Aberdeen (Brotherstone, W. Terry C.; Scott, William)
'Making ends meet': working-class women's strategies against poverty in W. Oxfordshire, c.1850-1900.
Dubber, Melanie J., Ph.D. (1998), Oxford Brookes (Digby, Anne; Heard, N.)
The social position of women in the late 13th- and early 14th- century Scotland, 1284-1329.
Dunlap, S.J., M. Litt. (1977), St. Andrews
Anglo-Scots relations and representations of women, 1560-1612.
Gibbs, Joanna B., Ph.D. (2000), London
The role of women in the maritime community of the Åland Isles during the 20th century.
Hagmark, Hanna, Ph.D. (2003), Hull (Starkey, David J.)
The shadow of marriage: single women in England, 1919-39.
Holden, Katherine, Ph.D. (1996), Essex
Domestic domesticity: the role of elite women in the Yorkshire country house, 1685-1858.
Larsen, Ruth, Ph.D. (2003), York (Rendall, Jane L.)
Irish and non-Irish women living in their households in 19th-century Liverpool: issues of class, gender, religion and birthplace.
Letford, Lynda S., Ph.D. (1996), Lancaster
Day nursery provision, 1942-55: a case study of women and social policy in Northern Ireland
McShane, E.M., Ph.D. (1984), Belfast
The life styles of young middle-class women in Liverpool in the 1920s and 1930s.
Messenger, Sharon, Ph.D. (1999), Liverpool (Davies, Andrew M.)
Women and violent crime in London, 1800-30.
Morgan, Sharon R., M.Litt. (1993), Cambridge (Pihlips, D.)
The role of housing in the development of the women's movement in England, 1850-1914.
Morrell, Caroline, Ph.D. (1999), Oxford Brookes (Digby, Anne)
Women and work in Northern Ireland, 1920-50.
Morrow, Alison J., D.Phil. (1995), Ulster
Subversive spirit: women and 19th-century spiritualism
Owen, Alexandra, D.Phil. (1987), Sussex (Yeo, Eileen M.)