Theses completed (UK)

Everyday life in the London maritime suburbs, 1748-1800.
Thomas, Sujit, M.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Innes, Joanna M.)
Picturing the imaginary geographies of the Great Western Railway, 1895-1946.
Thompson, J.E. Matthew, Ph.D. (2012), York (Divall, Colin)
Census-taking, political economy and state formation in Britain, c.1790-1840.
Thompson, Stephen J., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Smith, Richard M.)
Knowledge transfer in action: a study in the selection and interpretation of themes from history of science scholarship for museum exhibition.
Thorn, Louise E., Ph.D. (2010), Imperial College London (Warwick, Andrew C.; Morris, Peter)
A study of al-Ma'afiri's biographies of famous women in early Islam.
Tibi, A., D. Phil (1975), Oxford (Jones, A.)
The Whig oligarchy: representation and imagery, 1700-33.
Tolley, Stewart, Ph.D. (2014), London (Hoppit, Julian)
Masculinity and the 'other' in the 18th-century press.
Tremain, Catherine, Ph.D. (2010), Exeter (French, Henry; Barry, Jonathan)
Concern and consumerism: public and private responses to English commercial society between 1770 and 1840.
Tubman, Hazel, M.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Dabhoiwala, Faramerz)
'Answering the calls of the living': collaborative practice in archaeology and ancient Egyptian daily life exhibitions in Western museums.
Tully, Gemma, Ph.D. (2010), Southampton
The Church of Ireland and the Famine in Ulster, 1845-52.
Tumilty, Kathryn M., Ph.D. (2009), Belfast
Matthew Boulton and the Soho Mint: copper to customer.
Tungate, Sue, Ph.D. (2010), Birmingham (Jones, Peter)
'The soul of the labour movement': rediscovering the Labour church, 1891-1914.
Turner, Jacqueline, Ph.D. (2010), Reading (Woolley, Matthew)
Between women: visualising Victorian women artists' identities through art movements, media and scale.
Tyreman, Katie, Ph.D. (2013), York (Edwards, Jason)
Pain is evil, 'pain is natural': reactions to pain in childbirth and the use of obstetric anaesthesia in Britain, 1847-1990.
Ukioka-Minegishi, Yasuko, M.Phil. (2010), London (Corfield, Penelope J.)
The climbing boy campaigns in Britain, 'c'.1770-1840: cultures of reform, languages of health and experiences of childhood in Britain.
Van Manen, Niels, Ph.D. (2011), York (Jenner, Mark)
The Marrow controversy and seceder tradition: Marrow theology in the Associate Presbytery and Associate Synod Secession churches of Scotland, 1733-99.
VanDoodewaard, William, Ph.D. (2009), Aberdeen
The representation of women, warfare and power in Greek historiography, 400-1 B.C.
Vassiliu, Vassilis, Ph.D. (2006), Exeter
'Solid and practical education within reach of the humblest means': the growth and development of the Yorkshire Union of Mechanics' Institutes, 1838-91.
Walker, Martyn A., Ph.D. (2010), Huddersfield (Laybourn, Keith; Ward, Paul J.)
'Sadlerian Tories'? Christianity, constitutionalism, paternalism and protectionism in the factory reform and anti-Poor Law movements, c.1830-47.
Walker, Simon M., M.A. (1970), Leeds (Chase, Malcolm S.)
Soundscapes from the city: music, street performance and urban space in Manchester and the Ruhrgebiet, 1850-1914.
Walraven, Maarten, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Jerram, Leif; Strange, Julie-Marie)