Theses completed (UK)

Banda and the British: Anglo-Malawian relations in the 1960s.
Badenoch, H.A., M.Phil. (2002), Cambridge (Lonsdale, John M.)
Huda Sha'rawi and the liberation of the Egyptian woman.
Badran, Margot A.F., D.Phil. (1977), Oxford (Hourani, A.H.)
Isma'il Sidqi (1875-1950): pragmatism and vision in 20th-century Egypt.
Badrawi, Malak, Ph.D. (1994), Exeter (Choueiri, Y.)
A survey of Islamic learning in the Funj State.
Badri, Y.B., B.Litt. (1971), Oxford (Hourani, A.H.)
The historical and international dimensions of the Western Sahara conflict
Bahaijoub, M.A, Ph.D. (1989), London
The economic development in Tanganyika territory under British rule, 1919-24
Bakail, E.M., M.A. (1990), Exeter (Newitt, M.D.D.)
The development of the civil service in Malawi, 1891-1972
Baker, C.A., Ph.D. (1981), London
The development of government policy concerning Africans on private estates in Nyasaland, with particular reference to the period 1946-64.
Baker, Colin A., Ph.D. (Ext.) (1991), London
An intellectual in nationalist politics: the contribution of Kobina Sekyi to the evolution of Ghanaian national consciousness
Baku, D.K., D.Phil. (1987), Sussex
Wolaitta evangelists: a study of religious innovation in southern Ethiopia, 1937-75.
Balisky, Emon P., Ph.D. (1997), Edinburgh (Walls, Andrew F.)
Practical religion: a study oy of the Salvation Army's social services for women, 1884-1914
Ball, Gillian Tyler, Ph.D. (1987), Leicester (Banks, J.A.)
The state and the development of small-scale industry in Ghana since c.1945.
Ball, Rajiv, Ph.D. (1997), London (Austin, Gareth M.)
The Conservative party crisis, 1929-31
Ball, S.R., Ph.D. (1983-00-00T00:00:00), St. Andrews (Mackay, R.F.)
The Signet Library and its librarians, 1722-1972.
Ballantyne, G.H., M.A. (1973), Strathclyde (Jones, G.)
The administration of the Tunisian protectorate, 1881-1900, with special reference to the contrôleurs civils.
Balsley, Daphne J., Ph.D. (1980), London (Holt, P.M.)
French internal administration in Tunisia, 1881-90.
Balsley, Daphne J., M.Phil. (1974), London (Holt, P.M.)
The development of the Anglican church in West Ankole, 1900-90
Bamunoba, R.Y.K., M.Phil. (1990), Leeds
Political transformation and ethnic unification of a Plateau community: the Tarok (Yergam) from the 19th century to c.1954
Banfa, S., Ph.D. (1985), Birmingham (Farias, P.F. de M.)
Liberals and their enemies: racial ideology at the Cape of Good Hope, 1820-50.
Bank, Andrew, Ph.D. (1995), Cambridge (Iliffe, J.)
Class relations and inter-class perceptions in 20th-century Egypt, 1920-50.
Baraka, Magda, D.Phil. (1995), Oxford (Owen, Edward R.J.)