Theses completed (UK)

Civil defence in Surrey during the Second World War.
Wasley, Gerald, Ph.D. (2013), Kingston (Grieves, Keith; French, Christopher J.)
Identity and consumption practices of Northamptonshire Caribbeans, c.1955-1989.
Watley, George, Ph.D. (1970), Northampton (Stobart, Jon V.; Bush, Julia F.)
Gauging Charlie: the circulation and reception of Charles Chaplin's early comedies in Britain from cinema to super 8.
Watson, Clare, Ph.D. (2009), East Anglia
'Upping the anti': anti-fascism and anti-semitism between the wars in East London.
Weedon, Coleen, Ph.D. (2010), Reading (Worley, Matthew; Wolfe, Roy)
Metropolitan Vickers, the Gas Turbine, and the State: A Socio-Technical History, 1935-1960.
Whitfield, Jakob, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Hughes, Jeff A.)
Metropolitan Vickers and the gas turbine: a socio-technical study, 1935-60.
Whitfield, Jakob, Ph.D. (2012), Manchester (Hughes, Jeff A.)
Metropolitan Vickers, the gas turbine and the state: a socio-technical history, 1935-60.
Whitfield, Jakob, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Hughes, Jefff A.; Kirby, David)
Men, women, shops and 'little shiny homes': the consuming of Coventry, 1930-9.
Whitworth, Lesley, Ph.D. (1997), Warwick (Steedman, Carolyn K.; Mason, Tony)
Y tad a'r mab a'r merched: crefydd, ieuenctid a diwylliant yn y Gymru gymraeg, 'c'.1958-'c'.1970. ('In Welsh medium'.)
Wigley, Llion A., Ph.D. (2011), Aberystwyth (Thompson, Steven; O'Leary, Paul B.)
The social history of the Black Dyke Mills Band, 1900-65.
Wilkinson, Andrew, Ph.D. (2013), Leeds Metropolitan (Langley, Dan; Russell, David C.; Collins, Tony)
The Educational Priority Area Project in the north of England, 1968-71: a traditional English response to educational failure in areas of deprivation?
Williams, Keith, Ph.D. (2012), London (Crook, David R.)
Between a rock and hard place: space, gender and hierarchy in British gangland film.
Williams, Sally, Ph.D. (2011), Hertfordshire (Shaw, Tony)
The politics and ideology of local authority health care in Sheffield, 1918-48.
Willis, Timothy J., Ph.D. (2009), Sheffield Hallam
A history of the U.K. renewable energy programme, 1974-88: some social, political and economic aspects.
Wilson, John Campbell, Ph.D. (1970), Glasgow (Stokes, Raymond G.; Rollings, Neil)
An aesthetics of past-present relations in the experience of late 20th- and early 21st-century art music.
Wilson, Samuel J., Ph.D. (2013), London (Johnson, Julian)
Subsidy for serialism? Promoting new music in London, 1930-80.
Wolf, Benjamin, Ph.D. (2010), London (Ellis, Katharine)
Steel painted as wood: a re-examination of Alec Douglas-Home's leadership of the Conservative party, 1963-5.
Won, Tae-Joon, Ph.D. (2011), London (Readman, Paul A.; Vinen, Richard C.)
The south Wales miners' contribution to the tunnelling companies on the Western Front during the Great War.
Wood, Richard E., Ph.D. (2012), Swansea (Williams, Christopher M.)
The Arts Council of Great Britain, 1946-60.
Woodbury, Beau A.H., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Grimley, Matthew)
Commercial radio in Britain before the 1990s: an investigation of the relationship between programming and regulation.
Wray, Emma R., Ph.D. (2009), Bournemouth