Theses completed (UK)

Neglecting the distaff? Women's involvement in Languedocian Catharism, c.1190- c.1320.
Jones, Felicity A., D.Phil. (1999), York (Biller, Peter P.A.)
Local knowledge: indigenous agency in the history of exploration: studies from the R.G.S.-I.B.G. collections.
Jones, Lowri, Ph.D. (2010), London (Driver, Professor Felix F.)
Great Britain and naval arms control: international law and security, 1898-1914.
Keefer, Scott, Ph.D. (2012), London (Stevenson, David)
Constructing conformity: the international standardisation of measurement.
Kershaw, Michael, Ph.D. (2010), Imperial College London (Edgerton, David E.H.; Warwick, Andrew C.)
'A sure defence against the foe'? Maritime predation & British commercial policy during the Spanish American Wars of Independence, 1810-30.
McCarthy, Matthew, Ph.D. (2011), Hull (Starkey, David J.)
A resilient elite: German Costa Ricans after the Second World War.
Meissner, Carlos A., Ph.D. (2010), York (Bessell, Richard)
Britain and a new world: the Nassau Agreement 1962 and its effect on international and Anglo-European relations, and the Anglo-American 'special relationship'.
Melland, Claire, M.Phil. (2010), Leicester (Ball, Stuart R.)
Assessing the wealth of a nation: British and French views of China's political economy during the Enlightenment.
Millar, Ashley E., Ph.D. (2010), London (Rubiés, Joan-Pau)
Anglo-German commercial and financial rivalry in Brazil, 1900-29.
Moller, C.H., Ph.D. (1988), Council for National Academic Awards (Greenhill, R.G.; Lewis, C.M.)
Space, light and experience in middle Byzantine churches.
Nesbitt, Claire, Ph.D. (2007), Newcastle
Blacks without borders: African-Americans and South Africa, 1984-2007.
Ngwenya, Nomfundo X., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Mayall, James)
How the U.S. press interrelated with U.S. foreign policy towards China from 1953 to 1963.
Oliva, Mara, Ph.D. (2012), London (Morgan, Iwan)
Designer nature: the papier-mâché botanical teaching models of Dr. Auzoux in 19th-century France, Great Britain and America.
Olszewski, Margaret M., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge
The British are coming: the economics, rhetoric and politics of Anglophobia, 1882-96.
Ormsby, Cameron W., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Sexton, Jay; Sim, David)
Narrating unity? Italia 61: commemorating a century of Italian unification in Turin and Philadelphia.
Owen, Samantha, Ph.D. (2012), Reading (Bosworth, Richard)
The World Council of Churches and 'ecumenical consciousness': how the constitutional responsbility of fostering 'ecumenical consciousness' has been reflected in the World Council of Churches' educational and formational activities, 1948-2006.
Oxley, S.J., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
In the name of oil: Anglo-American relations in the Cold War Middle East.
Pearson, Ivan L.G., D.Phil. (2009), Oxford (Piscatori, James)
Challenges of mass society: German émigré political thought in the United States, 1933-42.
Petzschmann, Paul, D.Phil. (2009), Oxford (Freeden, Michael)
Lost opportunity to end the Second World War through conclusion of a negotiated peace.
Pounder, David, Ph.D. (2012), Cardiff (Newton, Scott)
Philanthropy and light: the formulation of transatlantic environmental standards for public interiors through Andrew Carnegie's library building programme, 1889-1910.
Prizeman, Oriel E.C., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge