Theses completed (UK)

Commerce, class and ethnicity in Cape Town, 1875-1902
Bickford-Smith, J.V., Ph.D. (1989), Cambridge (Iliffe, J.)
Monasteries and lay society in 13th-century Northumberland
Bignold, Brenda M., M.Phil. (1981), Council for National Academic Awards (Coss, P.R.)
Late Georgian and early Victorian Manchester: a cultural geography
Billinge, M.D., Ph.D. (1982), Cambridge (Baker, A.R.H.)
The women's education and suffrage movements, 1850-1914: innovation and institutionalization.
Billington, Rosamund H.C., Ph.D. (1976), Hull (Creighton, H.C.)
The Waungwana of eastern Zaire, 1880-1900
Bimanyu, D.K., Ph.D. (1976), London (Oliver, R.A.)
Kwame Nkrumah: an intellectual biography.
Biney, Ama B., Ph.D. (2007), London
An independent woman in West Africa: the case of Mary Kingsley
Birkett, Deborah J, Ph.D. (1987), London (Gray, J.R.)
A history of the Nyakyusa of Tanzania in the colonial period
Bisschop, J.P. Roosegaarde , Ph.D. (1983), Cambridge (Iliffe, J.)
The English public library as an agency for social stability, c.1850-1919
Black, A.M., Ph.D. (1989), Council for National Academic Awards (Webber, N.; Thane, Patricia M.)
The life and times of James George Beaney, M.D. (1828-91).
Blackamore, Michael J., M.Phil. (1996), Kent (Armstrong, William A.)
Willow-growing and basket-making in Mawdesley, Lancashire.
Blackburn, Magaret, M. A. (1978), Leeds (Sanderson, S.F.)
The growth and decline of the scythe/sickle (shear) trade in Hallamshire.
Blackwell, D.H., Ph. D. (1973), Sheffield
The corporate structure of the Catholic Church in Lesotho, 1930-56.
Blanchet-Cohen, Theresa, M.Phil. (1976), London (Burnham, P.C.)
The Anglican clergy and the politics of southern Africa, 1888-1909.
Blunden, Margaret A., D.Phil. (1980), Oxford (Robinson, R.E.)
Seeing the wood for the trees: deforestation in the central highlands of Eritrea since 1890.
Boerma, Pauline A., D.Phil. (1999), Oxford
Riding the Marches in Scotland, c.1500-1996.
Bogle, Kenneth R., Ph.D. (1997), Edinburgh (Goodman, Anthony E.; Simpson, John M.)
Government, labour and employers in the Tanzanian sisal industry, 1930-76.
Bolton, Dianne, Ph.D. (1980), Birmingham (Fage, J.D.)
The rise, consolidation and disintegration of Dhlamini power in Swaziland, 1820-89: a study in the relationship of foreign external affairs to internal political development.
Bonner, P.L., Ph.D. (1977), London (Marks, Shula)
The early days of British influence in south-east New Guinea.
Boore, Roger P., Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Dunthorne, Hugh L.A.)
'Savagery' and 'civilisation': the convergence of Europeans and Papuans up to the proclamation of the British New Guinea Protectorate in 1884.
Boore, Roger Pryse, Ph.D. (2005), Wales