Theses completed (UK)

The Anglican ordinal: its history and development from the Reformation to the present day.
Bradshaw, P.F., Ph. D. (1971), London (Jasper, R.C.D.)
Hierarchy and authority among the Hausa, with special reference to the period of the Sokoto caliphate in the 19th century.
Brady, R.P., D.Phil. (1978), Oxford (Lienhardt, P.A.)
The exchequer in the later 12th century
Brand. , J.D., Ph.D. (1989), Council for National Academic Awards (Williams, E. Ann; Gillingham, J.B.)
The literature of the London underworld, 1660-1720
Brant, Martine M., M.Phil. (1983), Council for National Academic Awards (Curtis, T.C.; Mannsaker, F.M.)
Attitudes to working women in British industry, 1914-20.
Braybon, C. Gail, M.Phil. (1977), Sussex (Cromwell, Valerie)
'Snug little coteries': a history of scientific societies in early 19th-century Cape Town, 1824-35.
Bregman, Leigh D., Ph.D. (2004), London
Women in state employment policy, 1905-86: a description and an analysis of policies affecting women's work in 20th-century Britain
Briar, C., Ph.D. (1988), Sheffield
Women and the British world: assisted female migration from Britain to South Africa, c.1900-14.
Bricker, Joseph H.P., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Deutsch, Jan-Georg)
The Presbyterian churches in New South Wales, 1823-65, with particular reference to their Scottish relations
Bridges. , B.J., Ph.D. (1986), St. Andrews (Cameron, J.K.)
Port Harcourt, 1912-82: a study of urban growth and structure
Briggs, T.P. Dokubo- , Ph.D. (1984), London (Wise, M.J.)
The machine tool industry in Coventry, 1887-1939
Brittain. , R.R., M.Phil. (1990), Council for National Academic Awards (Donnelly, T.; Furley, O.W.; Henderson, I.)
Farm, field and fell in upper Teesdale, 1600-1900: a study in historical geography.
Britton, Jennifer M., M. A. (1974), Durham (Roberts, B.K.)
James Stewart and Lovedale; a reappraisal of missionary attitudes and African response in the eastern Cape, South Africa, 1870-1905.
Brock, Sheila M., Ph.D. (1974), Edinburgh (Shepperson, G.A.; Ross, A.C.)
God, grief and community: commemoration of the Great War in Huddersfield, c.1914-1929.
Brook, Anne C., Ph.D. (2009), Leeds (Green, Simon J.D.)
Henry Burghersh, bishop of Lincooln, 1320-40.
Brooks, J.B., M. A. (1975), Wales (Bangor) (Usher, G.A.)
The traditional courts and their successors in Ghana's legal history, 1800-1914.
Brown, A.K.M., Ph.D. (1970), London
A survey of the development of the leisure industries of the Bristol region, with special reference to the history of the seaside resorts.
Brown, B.J.H., Ph. D. (1971), Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)
Politics in the Kpandu area of Ghana, 1925-69: a study of the influence of central government and national politics upon local factional competition.
Brown, D., Ph.D. (1977), Birmingham (Hughes, A.)
Anglo-Moroccan relations in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, with particular reference to the role of Gibraltar.
Brown, James A.O.C., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Public protest and violence in South Africa, 1948-76.
Brown, Julian, D.Phil. (2010), Oxford (Beinart, William)