Theses completed (UK)

Nature, mind and body in the age of mechanism.
Arikha, Noga A., Ph.D. (2001), London
A study in the historical foundations of Bhutan, with a critical edition and translation of certain Bhutanese texts in Tibetan.
Aris, M.V., Ph.D. (1978), London (Snellgrove, D.L.)
Communal conflict in Ceylon politics and the advance towards self-government, 1917-32.
Ariyaratne, R.A., Ph.D. (1973), Cambridge (Stokes, E.T.)
Theological education in relation to the identification of the task of mission and the development of ministries in India, 1947-87, with special reference to the Church of South India
Arles. , S., Ph.D. (1990), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
Nationalism and regional politics: Tamilnadu, India, 1920-37.
Arnold, D.J., D.Phil. (1973), Sussex (Low, D.A.)
The India League and the India Conciliation Group as factors in Indo-British relations, 1930-49
Arora. , K.C., M.Phil. (1989), London (Nish, I.H.)
The development of sick children's nursing, 1919-39.
Arton, Michael E., M.Phil. (1993), Bath (Klein, R.E.)
Colonialism and the transformation of matriliny in Malabar, 1850-1940.
Arunima, G., Ph.D. (1992), Cambridge (Chandarvarkar, R.S.)
Some aspects of the political and commercial history of the Muslims of Sri Lanka,with special reference to the British period
Asad, M.N.M. Kamil, Ph.D. (1988), Edinburgh (Barron, T.J.)
Convergence and its costs: the failure of Japanese economic reform and the breakdown of the Washington system, 1918-32.
Asher, David L., D.Phil. (2002), Oxford (Stockwin, J. Arthur A.)
Bulgarian nationalism 1830-76): the ideals and careers of Ivan Bogorov, Georgi Rakovski and Petko Slaveikov.
Ashley, S.W., D.Phil. (1984), Oxford (Crampton, R.J.; Evans, R.J.W.)
Hegemony amongst subordinates: the struggle for the Indian National Movement, 1928-9.
Ashton, Daniel R., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Devji, Faisal)
British policy towards the Indian states, 1905-39.
Ashton, S.R., Ph.D. (1978), London (Pandey, B.N.)
Clashes of agencies: the formation and failure of early Kurdish nationalism 1918-22.
Aslan, Suleyman, Ph.D. (2007), London
Opera and nationalism in mid 18th-century Britain.
Aspden, Suzanne E., D.Phil. (1999), Oxford
The impact of land and taxation policy on the peasantry in Palestine under the British mandate, 1920-48
Assali. , Mareena, Ph.D. (1988), London (Zubaida, S.D.)
Choosing to be deaf: leisure and sport in the deaf community of north-west England, 1945-95.
Atherton, Martin, Ph.D. (2005), De Montfort
The attitude of the Lebanese Sunnis towards the State of Lebanon.
Atiyah, Najla W., Ph.D. (1973), London (Vatikiotis, P.J.)
The political thought of William Hazlitt
Atkinson. , J.D., M.Litt. (1985), Oxford (Park, R.)
Who is a Sikh? Sikh politics and the partition of the Punjab.
Atwal, Rajpreet, M.St. (2012), Oxford (Devji, Faisal)