Theses completed (UK)

Transforming history: women's prose writing and historiography in the G.D.R.
Bridge, Helen R., D.Phil. (2000), Oxford
Royal and non-royal women in Achaemenid Persia, c.559-331 B.C.
Brosius, Maria, D.Phil. (1991), Oxford (Lewis, D.M.)
Carolingian women and property holding in the St. Gall archive, 700-920.
Bullimore, Katherine J., Ph.D. (2003), York (Cubitt, Catherine R.E.)
Tessa Verney Wheeler: women and archaeology before World War II.
Carr, Lydia, D.Phil. (2008), Oxford
The acceptance and statutory recognition of women as police officers in England and Wales, with special reference to the Metropolitan Police, 1914-31
Carrier, J.W., Ph.D. (1983), London (Abel-Smith, B.)
Black and Native American women's activism in the Black Panther party and the American Indian movement.
Castle, Elizabeth A., Ph.D. (2000), Cambridge
Noblewomen in Shropshire and the adjacent March of Wales, 1150-1350.
Cavell, Emma, D.Phil. (2007), Oxford
Meeting women in court: a study of the gender history of Cajamarca, Peru, 1862-1900.
Christiansen, formerly Salinas, Tanja K.C., D.Phil. (2000), Oxford (Knight, Alan S.)
Past or present? Writing women's history: the case of women in the Weimar Republic.
Christison, Nichola, M.Res. (1998), Strathclyde (Fischer, Conran J.)
Whitelands College, John Ruskin and the education of women, 1850-1900.
Cocker, Helen L., M.Phil. (1997), Surrey
Making sects: women as reformers, writers and subjects in early Reformation England, 1535-90.
Coles, K.A., D.Phil. (2003), Oxford
The long sexual revolution: British women, sex and contraception in the 20th century.
Cook, Hera, D.Phil. (2000), Sussex (Thane, Patricia M.)
Gender and class: a study of political activism in the North-West Labour Women's Organisation and Militant in the 1970s and 1980s.
Creear, Margaret, Ph.D. (2010), Keele (Hunt, Karen; Parr, Helen)
Home at work: the structuring of women's employment in late 19th-century Dundee.
Crockett, Nicole J., Ph.D. (1994), Edinburgh (Siltanen, Janet; Morris, R.J.)
Working-class life in Bradford, 1900-20: the philanthropic and political responses to working-class poverty, with particular reference to women and children.
Cushlow, Fiona, Ph.D. (2001), Huddersfield
Women’s testimonies of the concentration camps of the South African war, 1899-1902 and after.
Dampier, Helen, Ph.D. (2005), Newcastle
Citizens at last: women's political culture and civil society, Croydon and East Surrey, 1914-39.
Davidson, Ruth, Ph.D. (2010), London (Windscheffel, Alex)
Women in China: policy developments from the 1930s to the 1950s.
Davin, Delia, Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Rimmington, D.R.)
Funu Zazhi and the position of women in Chinese society, 1927-31
Dawson, M.J., M.Phil. (1984), Leeds
Performing women in early modern England, 1625-1700.
Devlin, Majella, Ph.D. (2009), Belfast