Theses completed (UK)

The Comintern and the Communist party of India, 1920-9.
Saiyid, D.H., M.Phil. (1978), London (Joll, J.B.)
Open spaces and the modern metropolis: evolution and preservation in London and Tokyo, c.1830-c.1930.
Sakai, Aya, Ph.D. (2005), London (Gilbert, David)
Political parties and social networks in Iraq, 1908-20.
Sakai, K., M.A. (1994), Durham
Foreign aid to Jordan (1924/5-1972/3): its magnitude, composition and effect.
Saket, B.K., Ph.D. (1976), Keele
The `Abbasid regime under al-Saffah and al-Mansur.
Sakhnini, I.M., Ph.D. (1991), Exeter
The evolution of the banking system in Jordan.
Salah, J.M., M.A. (1977), Keele
Medina in the Ayyūbid period and the Shi'a influence upon it.
Salamah, Salah A., Ph.D. (2008), Leeds
German economic involvement in the Philippines, c.1870-1918.
Salazar, Wigan M.W.T., Ph.D. (2000), London (Clarence-Smith, William G.)
Malay nationalism reflected from newspapers, 1900-1920s
Saleh, M.I., M.Litt. (1989), Glasgow
War and peace in caliphate and empire: political relations between the Abbasids and Byzantium, 794-847
Salem, A.R.A.M., Ph.D. (1983), Birmingham (Bryer, A.A.M.; Haldon, J.F.)
Mahdism in Islam up to 260 A.H./874 A.D. and its relation to Zoroastrian, Jewish and Christian Messianism.
Salih, M.O., Ph.D. (1976), Edinburgh (Watt, W.M.)
The political thought of Ibn Taymiyya.
Salih, U.M., Ph.D. (1980), Edinburgh
International disengagement and regional politics: Iran and the Persian Gulf, 1968-71.
Salman, Faisal S.A., D.Phil. (1999), Oxford (Sheikholeslami, A. Reza)
The piano in London concert life, 1750-1800.
Salwey, N.A., D.Phil. (2001), Oxford
S. Asian Muslim politics, 1937-58.
Samad, Ahmad Y., D.Phil. (1991), Oxford (Raychaudhuri, T.)
The economic growth of Iraq: the role of oil revenues, government policies and strategies since 1950
Samara. , I.H., Ph.D. (1981), Wales (Swansea) (Cole, W.A.)
The policies of three prime ministers of Ceylon, 1948-56, with special reference to relations with Great Britain
Samarasinghe, Nayana, Ph.D. (1989), Leeds (Dilks, D.N.)
Colonial policy, ethnic politics and the minorities in Ceylon, 1927-47
Samarasinghe, Nira K., D.Phil. (1989), Oxford (Raychaudhuri, T.)
Famine, disease, medicine and the state in Madras Presidency (1876-78).
Sami, Leela, Ph.D. (2007), London
Working-class adolescents in Birmingham: a study in social reform, 1900-14
Sandler, Catherine J., D.Phil. (1988), Oxford (McKibbin, R.I.)