Theses completed (UK)

'A woman's place is in the Cold War': American women's organizations and international relations, 1945-65.
Laville, Helen, Ph.D. (1998), Nottingham
Locating 'home': processes of settlement and social change among African women in Cape Town, 1948-2000.
Lee, Rebekah, D.Phil. (2002), Oxford (Beinart, William J.)
Women and veiling in the ancient Greek world.
Llewellyn-Jones, Lloyd, Ph.D. (2000), Wales (Fisher, Nicholas R.E.; Lewis, Sian)
The clearers and the cleared: women, economy and land in the Scottish Highlands, 1800-1900.
Lodge, Christine, Ph.D. (1997), Glasgow (Macinnes, Allan I.)
Spirited sisters: Anglican and Catholic contributions to women's teacher training in the 19th century.
Lowden, Kim, Ph.D. (2000), Liverpool (Davies, John A.; Hollinshead, Janet E.)
Legal status of women in Malawi: pre-colonial period to 1964.
Maliwa, Emily N., Ph.D. (1970), London
Women, pensions and social dependency in Britain and Hungary, 1945-90.
Maltby, T., Ph.D. (1993), Sheffield
Contested identities: active women religious in 19th-century England and Wales.
Mangion, Carmen M., Ph.D. (2005), London
Iconic women: martyrdom and the female body in early Christianity.
Martin, Elena R.L., M.A. (2007), Durham
Evangelical philanthropy and social control or emancipatory feminism? A case study of the Fisherwick Presbyterian Working Women's Association, 1870-1918.
McClelland, Gillian A., Ph.D. (2000), Belfast
Women's consciousness and assertion in colonial India: gender, social reform and politics in Maharashtra, c.1870-1920.
McGinn, Padma J. Anagol, Ph.D. (1994), London (Arnold, D.J.)
Women - the borderline case: Karl Kraus and the role of women in turn-of-the- century Vienna.
McKittrick, B.M.U., Ph.D. (1987), Exeter
The effects of the First World War on the social condition of women in France.
McMillan, J.F., D. Phil. (1976), Oxford (Cobb, R.C.)
'Ladies' football': gender roles and the socialization of women football players in Lancashire, 1917-c.1960.
Melling, Alethea, Ph.D. (2000), Central Lancashire (Walton, John K.; Russell, David C.)
The women who served Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth: ladies, gentlewomen and maids of the privy chamber, 1553-1603.
Merton, Charlotte I., Ph.D. (1992), Cambridge (Elton, Geoffrey)
The position of women in the family and in society in Ancient Egypt, with special reference to the Middle Kingdom.
Millard, Anne, Ph.D. (1976), London (Smith, H.S.)
'La noble mujer organizada': the 1930s women's movement in Mexico.
Mitchell, Stephanie E., D.Phil. (2002), Oxford (Knight, Alan S.)
The Geneva Bible and the devotional reading and writing of early modern women.
Molekamp, Femke, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
'The peculiar mission of Christian womanhood': the selection and preparation of women missionaries of the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society, 1880-1920.
Morawiecki, Jennifer A., D.Phil. (1998), Sussex (Dyhouse, Carol A.; Thane, Patricia M.)
Cultures of women's drinking and the English public house, 1914-39.
Moss, Stella M., D.Phil. (2009), Oxford (Waller, Philip; Howarth, Janet)