Theses completed (UK)

Religious interaction between pagans and Christians in Antioch in the late 4th century A.D.
Sandwell, Isabella, Ph.D. (2002), London (North, John A.)
Turkey and her Arab neighbours, 1954-8.
Sanjian, Ara G.K., Ph.D. (1996), London (Burrell, R. Michael)
Thai foreign policy, 1932-46
Santaputra, C., Ph.D. (1982), Southampton
History of the worship of Sri in Northern India to c. A.D. 550.
Saraswati, Bandana, Ph.D. (1971), London (de Casparis, J.G.)
Turkish policy towards Greek education in Istanbul, 1923-74: secondary education and cultural identity.
Sarioglou, Irini S., Ph.D. (1999), Birmingham (Haldon, John F.)
The political identity of the Delhi sultanate, 1200-1400: a study of Ziā ud-Dīn Baranī’s Fatāwā-i-Jahāndārī.
Sarkar, Nilanjan, Ph.D. (2005), London (Ali, Daud)
Economic policy in Iraq, 1932-50.
Sassoon, Y., D.Phil. (1980), Oxford (Owen, E.R.J.)
Rural organizations in Sri Lanka: official policy and institutional reform in the peasant agricultural sub-sector, 1948-77
Sathanandan. , S., Ph.D. (1984), Cambridge (West, H.W.)
The king and his men: politics and politicians in Jordan, 1951-7.
Satloff, Robert B., D.Phil. (1991), Oxford (Owen, Edward R.J.)
Administration, classification and knowledge: land revenue settlements in the Panjab at the start of British rule
Saumarez Smith. , R.W., Ph.D. (1989), Cambridge (Wrigley, E.A.)
Social mobility in the Forest of Dean, c.1550-1650
Saunders, Christine R., M.Phil. (1989), Council for National Academic Awards (Heard, N.; Slade, C.F.)
Bishops and Brookes: the Anglican mission and the Brooke raj in Sarawak, 1848- 1941
Saunders, G.E., Ph.D. (1989), Hull
The motives, pattern and form of Anglo-Ottoman diplomatic relations, c.1580-1661.
Saunders, Liane, D.Phil. (1994), Oxford (Repp, R.C.; Davies, C.S.L.)
Relations between Roman Catholics and Hindus in Jaffna, Ceylon, 1900-26: a study of religious encounter.
Saverimuttu, N.M., Ph.D. (1978), London (Ballhatchet, K.A.)
A geography and political study of S.W. Iran according to the Riyaz al-Firdaus by Muhammad Mirkak b. Masud al-Husayni.
Savyblaghchi, A., Ph.D. (1984), Manchester (Luft, P.)
Political alignments, the state and industrial policy in Pakistan: a comparison of performance in the 1960s and 1980s.
Sayeed, A.U., Ph.D. (1996), Cambridge (Khan, M.H.)
Cultural policies and Sino-Soviet relations in Kazakhstan and Sinkiang, 1917-60.
Schachner, G., Ph.D. (1980), Glasgow (Gray, J.; Newth, J.A.)
The decline of Syrian localism: the Damascene Notables, 1785-1870.
Schatkowski-Schilcher, Linda, D.Phil. (1978), Oxford (Hourani, A.H.)
The political emergence of the imperial Japanese navy in late Meiji and early Taishô Japan, 1893-1921.
Schencking, John C., Ph.D. (1998), Cambridge (Large, Stephen S.)
The Jewish problem in Romania, prior to the First World War.
Schneider, J.S., Ph.D. (1982), Southampton (Pavlowitch, St.K.)