Theses completed (UK)

How Bulgaria was lost: relations between Great Britain and Bulgaria, 1938-41.
Schofield, Paul D., M.A. (1992), Leeds (Bridge, F.R.)
English Conservative thought and opinion in response to the French Revolution, 1789-96
Schofield. , T.P., Ph.D. (1984), London (Christie, I.R.)
A world historical-sociological perspective on the course of decolonization in Indonesia, 1945-9
Scholte, J.A., D.Phil. (1990), Sussex
‘From water every living thing’: water mills, irrigation and agriculture in the Bil?d al-Sh?m - perspectives on history, architecture, landscape and society, A.D. 1100-1850. [As with lines over]
Schriwer, Charlotte, Ph.D. (2006), St. Andrews
Polish anti-Semitism, 1918 to the present.
Schulz, Derek, M.A. (1993), Exeter (Rees, T.J.)
The politics of intervention: Israel and the Maronites, 1920-84.
Schulze, Kirsten E., D.Phil. (1994), Oxford (Schlaim, A.)
The economic development of Austria-Hungary's machine-building industry, 1870-1913.
Schulze, Max-Stephan H.J., Ph.D. (1993), London (Milward, A.S.)
The formation of the Turkestan frontier between Russia and China in the 18th century.
Scott, G.A.K., D.Phil. (1972), Oxford (Hudson, G.F.)
The early life and writings of Algernon Sidney
Scott, J.H., Ph.D. (1986), Cambridge (Morrill, J.S.)
Financial institutions and the British property investment market, 1850-1980.
Scott, Peter M., D.Phil. (1992), Oxford (Feinstein, C.H.)
Cymdeithasau cyfeiligar yn Ne Cymru yn ystod y bedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg (The friendly societies in South Wales during the 19th century)
Scourfield, E., Ph.D. (1984), Wales (Swansea) (Williams, Glanmor)
The Muslims of the Punjab and their politics, 1936-47
Scragg. , P., Ph.D. (1984), London (Zaidi, Z.H.)
The Turkish prosopography in the Diarii of Marino Sanuto, 1496-1517
Sebastian, P.M.L., Ph.D. (1988), London (Heywood, C.J.)
Patterns in relations between Israel and Egypt, 1948-82: from conflict to co- operation?
Secretan, L.H., Ph.D. (1984), London (Taylor, P.G.)
The financial policies of Sir Robert Peel's government, 1841-6
Seed, P.G., M.Litt. (1982), Oxford (Matthew, H.C.G.)
British expansion and the East India Company, 'c'.1770-1815.
Sehgal, Manu, Ph.D. (2011), Exeter (Black, Jeremy)
The Arab community of Haifa, 1918-36: a study in urban transformation
Seikaly, May, D.Phil. (1983), Oxford (Hourani, A.H.)
British policy towards Indochina: South Vietnam and Cambodia, 1954-9.
Selby, Ian, Ph.D. (1998), Cambridge (Steiner, Zara S.)
Foreign workers in contemporary Japan.
Sellek, Yoko, Ph.D. (1999), Sheffield (Daniels, Gordon; Holmes, Colin)
Astronomy in India, 1784-1876.
Sen, Joydeep, Ph.D. (2011), Warwick (Arnold, David)