Browse theses in progress from Aberdeen

Lust, marriage and murder in 18th-century Scotland: the trial of Katharine Nairn and Patrick Ogilvie.
Antoff, Theresa, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Macknight, Elizabeth; Brown, Michael) in progress
Religious roles of Norse women throughout the Viking age.
Backa, Rachel, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Brink, Stefan) in progress
Swedish counter-insurgency warfare against peasants and irregular militias, 1632-48.
Backstrom, Olli, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Frost, Robert; Friedrich, Karin) in progress
The politics and ramifications of crusade rhetoric in late medieval and early modern Scottish statecraft, 1437-1542.
Basanti, Katharine, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Naphy, William; Macdonald, Alastair) in progress
Narratives of the past: Scottish historiography in the age of Ossian.
Bello, Xandra, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (O'Connor, Ralph; Brown, Michael) in progress
Scottish chapbooks and popular culture, 1650-1800.
Bond, Daliah, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Naphy, William; Brown, Michael) in progress
Relationships and networks of power amongst 11th- and 12th-century Norwegian aristocracy.
Carlsson, Edward, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Wills, Tarrin; Gelting, Michael) in progress
What does the variability of depictions of children and childhood in Old Norse literature signify?
Corray, Pam, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Wills, Tarrin; Brink, Stefan) in progress
Riots and 'Rivers of Blood': race and class identity formation in Britain, 1968-92.
Craddock, Emma, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Salt, Karen; Blaikie, Andrew) in progress
Layered kingship in Anglo-Saxon England.
Cutts, Daniel, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Dumville, David; Brink, Stefan) in progress
Methods of commemorating the dead in Norse during the Viking age, 9th-14th centuries.
Dutton, Douglas, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Wills, Tarrin; Brink, Stefan) in progress
A British/imperial-based study of the post-1812 development of Anglo-American relations.
Elrick, Andrew, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (MacKillop, Andrew; Dilley, Andrew) in progress
Financial managements, improvement and politics on the estates of the Duff family (Earls of Fife), 1722-1857.
Forty, Richard, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (MacKillop, Andrew) in progress
A comparative analysis of policy initiatives designed to shape the outlook of German society, highlighting the role of the German military establishment as an educator of society.
Gatos, Alexander, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Dartmann, Christoph; Weber, Thomas) in progress
Understanding the importance of the female and femininity to the development of Scotland's ideas of itself in the 14th century.
Gill, Duncan, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Macdonald, Alastair; Armstrong, Jackson) in progress
The myth of German 'national redoubt': a story of Allied intelligence failure, effective Nazi propaganda or political spin?
Grant, Alexander, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Weber, Thomas; Dilley, Andrew) in progress
Coping with exile: the Zemgor and the Russian emigration, 1919-39.
Grieve-Laing, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Heywood, Anthony; Macknight, Elizabeth) in progress
The Scottish medical community in London during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Haggarty, Alistair, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Harper, Marjory; Marsden, Ben) in progress
Margaret of Denmark: Scottish queenship, 1469-86.
Hayes, Amy, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Armstrong, Jackson; Macdonald, Alastair) in progress
Memoria as identity-creating practice in 15th-century Denmark.
Heilskov, Mads, Ph.D. (2014), Aberdeen (Gelting, Michael; Armstrong, Jackson) in progress