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Restoration Bath, 1658-90.
Camp, James S., Ph.D. (2013), Bath Spa (Marshall, Alan; Anderson, Roberta) in progress
British-Swedish relations in the era of the American Revolutionary Wars: a study of diplomatic, military and economic relations, 1773-63.
Drakenlordh, Rikard, Ph.D. (2013), Bath Spa (Marshall, Alan; Chalus, Elaine) in progress
Politics and the provincial press: Bath and the French Revolution, 1789-1802.
Grieves, Kevin, Ph.D. (2008), Bath Spa (Marshall, Alan; Otele, Olivette) in progress
Women's employment in Bath and Cheltenham, *c*.1800-30.
Russell, Diana, M.Phil.-suspended (2007), Bath Spa (Anderson, Roberta; Barker, Hannah) in progress
Piety, patriotism and philanthropy: charity schooling and the education of the poor in Bath in the long 18th century.
Smith, Deborah, Ph.D. (2009), Bath Spa (Chalus, Elaine; Doern, Kristin G.) in progress