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Britain's trade relations with Germany in China during the First World War.
Shipway, Sarah, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Bickers, Robert) in progress
The trade of Bristol in the 17th century.
Stone, Richard, Ph.D. (2012), Bristol (Jones, Evan) in progress
'The course of the gospell interrupted by malicious enemies': religious conservatives at the courts of Henry VIII and Edward VI, c.1540-50.
Tadghighi, Nasim, Ph.D. (2014), Bristol (Hutton, Ronald) in progress
The late medieval reception of the Polychronicon.
Thorn, Edwina, Ph.D. (2012), Bristol (Clark, James; Holdenried, Anke) in progress
Women at the court of James I.
Tremlett, Claire, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Jones, Evan; Hutton, Ronald) in progress
Medical practice and its cultural impact in early modern England.
Weaver, Nick, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Austin, Kenneth) in progress
A critical analysis and edition of Ralph of Coggeshall’s Chronicon Anglicanum.
Webster, Harriett, Ph.D. (2012), Bristol (Smith, Brendan; Clark, James) in progress
The history of theurgy from Iamblichus to the Golden Dawn.
Webster, Sam, Ph.D. (2012), Bristol (Hutton, Ronald) in progress
Corruption in the Chinese customs service.
Williams, James, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Bickers, Robert) in progress
Food in late medieval and early modern Spanish religious identities.
Williams, Jillian, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Austin, Kenneth; Cervantes, Fernando) in progress
Dogs and gods: a study of the significance of dogs in Roman religion.
Wolfkamp, Valerie, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Horton, Mark; Hutton, Ronald) in progress
Henry VII, 'Ricardianism' and the cautious reassertion of the Crown in northern England, 1485-97.
Yorath, David, M.Phil. (2012), Bristol (Bickers, Ronald) in progress
Aspects of the development of the South Wales ports, 1850-1914.
Young, John, M.Litt. (2012), Bristol (Macleod, Christine; Middleton, Roger) in progress
The hippy movement in Latvia, 1967-92.
Zolnerovica, Liva, M.Litt., Bristol (Furst, Juliane; McLellan, Josie) in progress